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I didn't read every word. But I read enough to see that here lies the photo forum parody to end all parodies.

Amusing, very, but methinks Mike had a little too much time on his hands today.....

Just like to say that I'm glad your comments don't usually run like that. There seems to be a topology of the internet, that I'm sure could make an interesting social research subject for some fine PhD work, and in this space we somehow collect ourselves into artsy cafes, town parks, suburban laundromats, woody knolls, vacant lots and under-bridges just like the hard-as-rock world such that normally each keeps to their own. It's a good thing. true. Sad, isn't it?

I'm sure someone is doing social psychological research into human behavior in online equipment forums. If not, someone should!

Vueron sucks!!!! In lab test it's lenses couldn't resolve 110 lines!!! And Mycam will support K-mount once Kinos ships teh adaptered.

Mycam sucks! Vueron ROCKS!

The missing part:

All the similarities with real persons and/or events intentional.

Major Major Major III

Best article of the year!

I think I actually read more of this than the actual thread at xxxx ;-)

I appreciate your attention to details, and as a prime shooter I'd say; KEEP IT UP ;-)

Having come to the end of my patience with both Nikon and Canon and their utter disregard for serious hobbyists I think Vueron could fill my needs can someone post a link as I've tried various search engines without success, this is a matter of some urgency as I'm suicidal having offloaded my Canon system on Ebay.

This is absolutely brilliant. The icing on the cake was the "so long I'm headed for greener pastures" post. I have seen countless such threads and my reaction to every one was to wonder how narcissistic you have to be to assume that the entire world cares that you're filled with consumer angst. I particularly like the martyred tone here: "I am of course naturally forced to leave the Mycam Forum".

Keep up the good work Mike!


<<<<(see avatar [pink square]; it's a macro of the exact spot on my index finger that touches the shutter release button on my Mycam47J)

The Mycam47J is just a tool. All that matters is ART!

(Harold will do it again tomorrow.)

-Vivian Pickles
My Equipment List [link to .pdf file; the whole list was too long to fit in my signature. 5 MB -- with music.]

Nails the whole photo forum experience, doesn't it? I wish I'd been able to read something like this a couple of years ago, when trying to buy my first DSLR - it would have saved me a heap of time and provided a few laughs. :)

Wow! I've never seen anyone that had so much fun arguing with themselves before. jw

Let me see if I can get my tenses right. There is, in the online photography world, one forum to rule them all and if readers were to visit it and choose the appropriate topic, having primed themselves with recent articles here on this site, perhaps they might find that the satire on this page were even sharper than they might have suspected - to the point where it almost becomes a parody of itself.

Ah, if oly that was really satire...

I'm sure I read the original on a desperate pixel review site.

THIS parody is OUTRAGEOUS! A professional writer like Mike should KNOW BETTER than to poke fun at the DEDICATED amateurs who have been gathering so much USEFUL information about the Mycam. He should be HANGED for doing this and...

Oh wait.

Interesting how the names change but the characters stay the same.

Hey Mike, I know what thread on which forum you're mimicking, and you just summed up everything about that website I don't like right here. Weirdly enough, that thread was the one where I saw the "primes went out with film" line!

wtglloyd, you didn't read every word?! Shame on you! I only read the names of the posters, that was all I needed to be able to see they don't know what they are talking about. Everyone knows not to trust people with numbers in the usernames. In fact the only people whose posts you should even read use 'user' as part of the name.


Mike - great parody. Maybe Sundays should be for off-topic posts and Saturdays for parodies.

I have to turn off my computer and go for a long walk in the cool Wisconsin air now. This reinforces the nagging feeling that I spend entirely too much time in front of the computer and not nearly enough time behind the lens. Thanks for making my weekend Mike.

If only my own brain could work in this way.


One more time, great SA* post :)
It's the longer (and much funnier) way to say that „arguing on the Internet is like competing in special olympics: even if you win, you're still challenged”.

I'd really like to see something more: the key for the names. As much as I can understand, Mycam could be Olympus (berrated for the lack of primes), but could be any camera brand, 'cause each and every one has its followers, its detractors and the converts from or to „Mycamera”.
Another long-shot (but I'd be luckier if this was less remotely true): Vueron=Pentax or Alpha (Sony/Konica-Minolta)?

Ironically, that last photo was taken with the new MyCam 47J 28mm f/2 lens

I know half them guys, and I think I'm in the middle somewhere. :-)

No seriously, I know them all, it's the DPR Oly SLR forum and the crotchety one goes by the name of Buttstrap.

Peace out


Mike Rulz- this iz the funnest i have red in along time, makin fun of all thoz noobs!!! Mycam Roks, pul yer hed out!!

I would be interested in purchasing your Mycam 47J. Please contact me as soon as possible!


You mean this was all made up???


Alert: Amazon is posting a killer price for the Mycam 47J (better than B&H!!!!) and free shipping. I'm ordering as soon as I post this...

Oops...the price just went up...[sigh]

AWOSOME, Dude!!!!! Yours ROCK!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aside from the obvious fun here, the icing on the cake was all the delicious side-excursions to South Africa, Belgium and Thailand. And it takes a finely-tuned ear to come up with the excruciatingly authentic mis-spellings and grammar-os. Kudos. Tremendously entertaining.

MyCam Photos - C&C Welcome.

What's with everyone on this forum? I posted some photos from my new MyCam (S/N 0018043321) and asked for some comments and critique, and no one responded.

Isn't anyone on this forum interested in photographs? Or are you all just MyCam equipment geeks?

By the way, why hasn't Mike posted his in-depth review of the new full-frame MyCam 00D? It's been out for almost ONE WEEK?

The really sad part is if we are honest it could apply in varying degrees to all who take part in online forums. Shame on you Mike; remember "let he who is without sin cast the first stone"? By the bye does anyone know when the Mycam 48j is due out?

Awesome. Being in photo-related forums and mailing-lists for years, you just nailed it so fine.
You rule as a writer, but your satire skills are just superb...

You really should know that zooms are as sharp as primes these days. Have you read the studies?! I have read the studies!!
Pardon me while I jump up and down on the sofa.

You had me at "It is the latest WTF zoom type"

I can just [i]hear[/i] it being said in a wonderfully condescending tone.

Don't laugh . . .

In response to something I said on this blog a week or so ago, someone set up a temp email account just so he could send me my own personal "get a life" email.

and if you're still lurking . . .

(oh, never mind . . . )

I'm speechless. You've outdone yourself, Mike!

Ironically I switched back from Mycam to Vueron because all the photos I sent to the Mycam online gallery were rejected. Snobs. The Vueron gallery better accept my work if they know what's good for them.

Where's Maude when you really need her????

I believe I had an overnight stay in the Minneapolis jail for trying to use "a Zweebendorker adapter".

Hi Mike,

Very funny and very accurate, but...

Having made the mistake of reading comments under a couple of posts on other topics recently, I can safely say that you were way too understated and coherent. There are some seriously unhinged folks out there.

I want to read more from "dingle+Berry", "Edward Arlington Edwards Esq.", and especially "beerdup"- he rocks (IMNSHO).

Once in a while, when the regular TOP comments get a bit serious and, well... boring, perhaps you could let "beerdup" and the rest of his friends make a few statements?

What, you want me to play entirely by myself and let the rest of you go home? [g]

Mike J.

In theory you could do so, I guess. But I would prefer a mixture of real commentators and a few alter egos.
Are you familiar with the Portuguese poet and essayist Fernando Pessoa? He created several fictional characters, who wrote different kinds of poetry (one romantic, the other one more classical etc), and even with different theories about poetry and literature. And they argued with each other about how poetry should be written.

You could do the same with photography, cameras and lenses...
But of course: TOP needs a few real commentators! They add to the quality of this blog.

Dude are you some kind of commie pinko arts blogger or what? Every who is serious about photography knows that Mycam and Vueron have 99.99998% of the market and that a truly dedicated photo head will have both systems so they can compare captures at 500% on screen. Its only when you see the chromatic aberration on Sonisonic LCD wxga 32" wa screen that you can truly understand the benefit of multicoated apspherical concave retrofocusing miniscual lenses.

What is with these primes? They don't zoom. How lame is that? Means you have to walk around the subject before you take a picture. I didn't take up this hobby for the exercise.

And another thing why are lens caps black? If they made them out of some kind of translucent material like glass then we wouldn't have to buy UV filters by Zeisch to protect our investments. These cameras designers are so retarded they should really read this forum to learn how to build a proper camera. Everyone knows that a Canikon D5000 +1 chip inside the Olymtax 36DD body with a Zeisslander 9.5 - 42 2/3 mm lens would really rool.

You wrote that!!

Mike you have more patience than me:)


I find this post scarily accurate. It sums up many things that bug me about many forums (and flickr groups) on cameras.

What makes it hurt, though, is that many people don't know where else to go. I honestly don't really know where to go to actually discuss photography with people. I can chat about gear, but I've gotten bored with most of the conversations about it.

So what's the alternative?

That's it, I'm changing my Dee-Pee review handle to "beerdup"!

great satire Mike!

you sir, have far too much empty time on your hands --oops you just lost a lot o it writing this thing.

I am chagrined to see that the bokeh of the MyCam lenses were not discussed, leading me to believe that none of the parties knew what was important.

OK, like I'm sure that most of you guys on the Mycam forum already know this stuff, but I just bought my Mycam47J and it ROCKS!!

But anyway, like I said most of you guys know this, I'm sure, but for my fellow noobs I'd like to point out a few things that I learned in my first few weeks with the camera.

It's really different than the one-use disposable cameras that I use to buy at, like, RiteAid or QuickCheck, but you can learn it if you try. You need to make sure that an SD card is INSERTED CORRECTLY in the Mycam 47J, or else YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TAKE PICTURES!!! (Don't ask me how I learned this!!!).

You also need to charge and install the battery-- this is important-- or else (you guessed it) YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TAKE PICTURES!!!

Like I said, this is really different than a one-use camera, but you can learn it if you try. After just a couple weeks with the camera, and leaving it on "green" and I'M GETTING AWESOME PICTURES!!!

I really appreciate the sharing of knowledge on this forum from some AWESOME knowledgeable people who know, I'm sure, far more about cameras than I do, LOL!!! Just thought my experience could help my fellow newbies, and I look forward to learning more about my new Mycam47J.

By the way, what accessories and lenses should I buy??? Thanks for helping out a noob!!! You guys ROCK!!!

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