Just a couple of minor ideas for maintaining this great column within a column:

1. Could you post your Sunday Sermons in reverse chronological order, with the most recent on top?

2. Might you include and/or iTunes links to songs in the future. I realize that is more work for you, but saves a little bit of work for each of the million readers you have, so we don't have to do ten different searches lf this eclectic mix in this example. There must be some economy of effort there that will save the ozone layer or something.

Glad to see Porcupine Tree on the list. While I have "Arriving..." already, your post did make me go to my PT CDs and Amazon to see what else I should pick up.

If any of your readers are looking for recent prog rock items to pick up, your suggestion is a good one. Spock's Beard might be another group to check out.

To listen to just about anything you can think of - or are told about -- go to and search/listen. You can make/save playlists for later. The quality isn't always there, but it's great if you want to hear what a song/track sounds like, or if you want to take a trip down memory lane.

The better cut off Pork Soda is "Nature Boy." Pretty standard stuff until about 3:30, when the drums pick up and suddenly Les Claypool rips off this amazing bass solo simultaneously with a Larry LaLonde guitar solo. The two weave in and out of each other for about forty five seconds of structured chaos. Such an underrated guitarist; Les has since played with everybody in the world and nobody could compliment his style like Larry.

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