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Monday, 17 June 2024


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Not a new idea, at least to me. I suggested here, more than once, that moderating comments should take priority before making any new post. This has the added advantage of bringing an existing post to life, through dialogue, before it gets buried and goes stale as new posts supersede it. I’d much rather see fewer new posts, and enrich discussion around current ones. Plus, this would allow you more time to come up with ideas regarding new posts, rather than rushing to get something new out. But I’ve said this before… and before that.

Great bunch of articles lately Mike.

Now, I agree that you should moderate comments first. But. My logic is that the comments are likely to inspire the next article you post.

A two bird with one stone kinda deal.

How about this: make only one post at a time, and do not let yourself make a new post until you have updated the comments?

This might prevent you from making "I love Ricoh" posts on the day they release something you want, but it would also keep the pacing better for your readership.

Living alone and not reporting to an office? Maybe shave every other day. Or every third day. It'll save you time on no-shave days, and it'll come off way easier on days you do put razor to beard. Just a thought!

What if you alternate days when you write posts with days when you moderate comments? IMO three posts a week is plenty, especially with the high standard around here, and alternating days might help you with both creativity and productivity. Allow yourself some flexibility to break schedule for the odd news flash or extra heavy comment day, of course (though perhaps wise to have a (realistic) policy in place for such days).

Perhaps you could set a meta-goal of setting a deadline for your book by a certain date. On that date, you will have to have determined the book's deadline. The meta-goal, somehow, seems less challenging than the real goal.

My advice (backed up by Curtis Mayfield no less) ...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrHl7BNgYpM) ...

And my own B&W photography supporting the notion (taken yesterday with the unobtanium unicorn Fuji X100VI) ...

Keep on Pushing' Mike and you'll find your groove,

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