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Tuesday, 07 May 2024


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Samsung is also good (good price, good reviews). Available from Amazon.

[In full-size SDXC, Samsung makes only UHS-1 V30 cards. So they don't make a card of the kind compared here. --Mike]

In a world of price hikes, camera memory cards have really came down over the years. In 2003, I bought my brother a Canon digicam that took CF cards. It was only a 1.3mp camera, so I got him a 256K card which cost $79. Today, I shoot 16G SD cards that I buy in bulk for below $5 a card.

I've been using the Sandisk cards (linked) for years without ever having a failure. The 10 pack comes in at under 5 bucks per card. FWIW, I prefer multiple moderate capacity cards versus a single high capacity card. If that single card gets lost or fails, you lose a lot.

Sandisk 16GB (10 Pack) SD Card Bundle SDHC Class 4 Flash Memory | Model SDSDB-016G-B35


The price of the Panasonic card seems….excessive. Is it carving the bits onto the bones of bald eagles(or am I missing something)? Also, it /seems/ as though those cards have been discontinued:


Isn't a photography blog meant to be about... Oh never mind. This does, though, make me depressed.

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