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Thursday, 16 May 2024


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“IT person” making prints with a digital printer is purely a matter of manipulating computer files to instruct the machine.
Of course knowing what you want it to look like helps as ever.

Same thing happended with "computer"

Indeed Mike, I am no Shakespeare, but like the apocryphal ‘monkeys in a room’, I very occasionally compose a nice snap.

On those rare occasions, I will email, or take an impression of same to a specialist printmaker, e.g. 'The Printspace' and pay them to make a thing, something that I can perhaps frame and hang on a wall or put in an album.

I believe in employing said artisan, when I feel it necessary.

As for whether I am wasting the time of said artisan, is a moot point, since art is in the eye of the beholder, but the really good stuff, endures.

Sadly, none of mine will ever fit into the “really good stuff” category, my walls are more akin to those found in 'Long Kesh' during the 1970’s.

"Missing in action, or rather co-opted to the point of confusion, is a word for the human person who makes prints, including one who uses a printer!"


A good and timely question Mike, as one who has recently taken to selling his ability to take a file full of pixels and turn it into a passable print. There is no doubt in my mind that there is still considerable craft in doing this well, despite (or because of) the smarts built into the new technology. I don't think we need a new word, just an expansion in meaning of the old word. From henceforth, I proclaim, I am no longer a printer but a printmaker.

Don't agree with the second definition. A printmaker is any human being with sufficient expertise to make that dang black box - sorry, printer - produce the prints they want.

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