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Friday, 24 May 2024


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a. Is that your Twain collection? My wife and I just marveled at it.

b. The Lumix LX100 is a nice camera. I bought an automatic lens cover for it, otherwise I lose the things. Also an adapter to be able to mount filters. Had I known at the time that Panasonic was about to release it, I would not have bought a GX7, which I intended as an upgrade to my GF1.

c. GX8 replaced the GX7. Since I mute everything I can on any camera, including the shutter ... by using the electronic shutter ... I know nothing of "shutter shock."

d. I bought a GF1 in 2012, used. Really like that camera. In fact, I have two of them that enjoy service as (converted) infrared cameras.That would be a model that I'd like to see re-issued "just enough." Sensor. Viewfinder. The GX8 is the closest thing to it, at least in my arsenal.

[No, those aren't my books. I found that picture online. I do have a handful of Mark Twain first editions, inherited from my great-grandfather, who was a fan and bought them new. However the better ones are tattered from repeated handling, and only the lesser titles that Dr. Hamilton didn't like are in good condition! Such as "The American Claimant" which apparently no one liked. There are also some associated titles such as "My Mark Twain" by William Dean Howells. --Mike]

The D-Lux 7 lacks the simple Q-type control interface of the new camera, along with various other refinements to all but the sensor. Your rental impressions may prove misleading with regard to simplicity, controls, handling and general refinements, if not IQ.

Americans must have very big pockets, is all I can say. I recently treated myself to a used Panasonic GM5 (now that's a small micro 4/3 camera!) but even with the smallest prime lenses or the dinky collapsible 12-32 zoom I wouldn't describe it as a pocket camera. Perfect travel companion, though.

The camera I'd love to see revived is the Olympus Mju-mini Digital -- now that is a pocketable camera! A version with even just 12 MP and raw files would be perfect.


Re: Simplicity.

I read somewhere many years ago ... nobody wants more than three controls on their camera (car, computer, TV, HVAC etc.) but everybody wants a different three.

I have a modern camera that comes with a 150 or so page user manual -- 140 pages are superfluous which is OK because they are mostly unreadable. I set it up so that with just my thumb and index finger, I can control/change the ISO, shutter speed and aperture while looking through the viewfinder. Just like the old days. Better than the old days.

Like the form factor .... do not like the variable aperture.

My current alternative Sony a6700 plus Sony 24mm f2.8 prime.

I put the 24mm f2.8 prime on a7RV if I need more horsepower (in terms of larger more comfortable formfactor, better evf, ergonomics) with big plus I can use a customised button to swap between full frame and crop sensor.

I second Jeff’s comment - Evaluate the “7” for size/weight, lens range, image quality (same sensor & lens) but the “8” should have better handling and a much better UX true-leica like experience (the “7” is really just a Panasonic designed re-badging and felt a bit cheap to me…) and the EVF is also better on the 8, you’ll also certainly appreciate that the 8 does DNG RAW… You’ll probably want the optional grip but at least Leica is going to have one.

I personally much prefer a manual zoom ring instead of motorized rocker switch but such is the case with almost any compact-cam…

I get what you're saying Mike, another camera that gets right into my creative headspace is the Hasselblad X2D with its minimalist design.

I have a D-Lux 7, great for me doing the things you want. The 8 seems to be the 7 with a new body and $400 price increase.

It looks like one of your advertisers has the specs up: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1830573-REG/leica_19191_d_lux_8_digital_camera.html/specs

I wouldn't carry it without a camera strap. No "safety grip" whatsoever. Nice-looking camera, to be sure. The font used on this camera (and several of their "natively manufactured" models) is especially handsome.

Yeah, when I saw the price, I know it's spendy for a Panasonic, but it has enough Leica in it to justify it for me. Not sure if the viewfinder is much good though. Might be unchanged from the LX100 II. I find it very tempting. I have always liked the way Panasonic did multi-aspect framing, probably best implemented in the GH2 with its slightly oversized sensor.

I have had the LX100 MKII since it was introduced. I bought it for a trip to Costa Rica where I wanted a serious camera that wouldn’t attract the notice of pickpockets. It’s definitely pocketable. It’s a fine camera with three really nice black and white image profiles. I use it regularly, but it’s “on fumes”. I think it’s been repaired three times. Two of the repairs were for “junk on the sensor”. The zoom mechanism has an extensively reported tendency to suck stuff into the sensor. My unit has the Q menu - very handy. I’ll be on the list to get this model.

The Panasonic LX100 has been my constant companion for 6 years. It’s simple to use and delivers excellent results. It would have been ideal at Lehigh.
Having the D-Lux 8 might put an end to your gripe about never having a real camera with you when you need one.

So this is what they call a crop camera?

Many years ago my favorite photo store tested SOOC images of one of those LX models and its Leica twin. For me Leica was the clear winner but it could be that others preferred the LX.
What surprised me was that they looked so different.

Go for the D-Lux 8. I've used the D-Lux 5 for more than 10 years and it's super for street photography. I set it to my favourite signature B&W square format so I don't have to decide on whether to shoot in portrait or landscape mode.

I am itching for the D-Lux 8 but struggle with what am I going to do with my "5" (which still fulfills all my needs).

Leica actually has a real attempt to do phone like camera. You can try that instead of pansonic. It said to be the cheapest real Leica.

Just be forewarned: The menus on the D-Lux 7 were created by Panasonic. The owner's manual is 294 pages. I hope Leica simplifies the menus for the D-Lux 8.

I've owned several D-Lux cameras and their Panasonic counterparts. They've been great walk-around cameras.

This post is topical for me. I've had a Fujifilm X100T for around 8 years, and have greatly enjoyed it for travel and family pics. Yes, its fixed lens is frustrating at times, but I generally like getting in close and shooting at that focal length. So, with the new X100VI, I'm excited about the IBIS for lower light shooting, and so I've got my name on the waiting list for the new version. But, the D-Lux 8 is a little enticing with the flexibility of the zoom lens. It's also a little smaller and lighter. I wonder how the lenses compare in quality? I'm going to do a little more research.Thanks for this Mike.

Small batteries, fiddly controls, an older sensor and a smaller format. Buy one and you'll still end up wanting the Leica Q3. It may be a "Veblen" good but it's also the best camera of its kind on the market and a wonderful tool for taking superb photographs. And, if you end up discovering that in day to day use the red dot is too aesthetically odious you can usually sell one pretty darn quickly.

I was skeptical about the compact Q series cameras until I bought a Q2. Now you would have a hard time getting it out of my hands. It's so good.

I owned the original LX100 and bought the LX100II a few months after it came out. On its maiden voyage at a local car show, it slipped out of my hands while fiddling with one of the settings (don't recall which) and hit the pavement. I'd taken only 10 or 12 shots with it and wanted to cry. It still worked perfectly but had abrasions, chipped paint, and a small dent. I'm picky about my equipment (like it all to look good) and sold it a couple months later for half of what I paid. Note to self... never take a camera out without a strap. Great camera though.

I appreciate the Bob Dylan reference.

I own the D-Lux 7 and I prefer using it to almost any other digital camera I own. I would recommend that you try it with the grip and the auto closing lens cap.

The D-Lux 8 looks like it has a better EVF (most welcome) and an almost identical button layout to the Q3.

If you were happy with the images from the GX8, then you'll surely be happy with the ones from the DLUX 7 and the 8.

Its possible Leica will have squeezed a bit more out of the sensor, if they have updated the processing, and Leicafying the colour modes.

Also a couple of other useful things that might cross over from the Q3, is the USB-C to lightning cable for fast image transfers to the Leica Fotos app.

On the topic of Leica using Panasonic's new phase detect 24mp m4/3 sensor of the G9ii, we don't even know whether the sensor is part of Panasonic and Leica's alliance.

From the sounds of it, Panasonic is not releasing an LX100iii. It would be nice for the new sensor to be in the Leica, but the price would be considerably higher.

Also on the topic of it being overpriced.

Consumer price inflation alone means that something that cost $1200 in 2020 would cost over $1450 or more today. Add to that the increase in digital Leica desirability, and strong second hand prices, $1599 seems both high, and surprisingly reasonable.

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