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Saturday, 13 April 2024


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Couldn't resist this comparison, 9/1956 release Canon LTM 50/1.2 and 60 years later release Oly 25/1.2.

The new Sigma Art is fascinatingly similar to the Oly 25/1.2 Pro. They are the same price. The Oly has more elements, fewer blades, is smaller and weighs half as much. Both designed for artful rendering.

Sigma - Olympus
50mm f/1.2, 25mm f/1.2
Art Lens, PRO Lens

Price $ 1,399, 1,399
Focal Length 50mm, 25mm (35mm Equivalent: 50mm)
Maximum Aperture f/1.2, f/1.2
Minimum Aperture f/16, f/16
Lens Format Coverage Full-Frame, Micro Four Thirds
Angle of View 46.8°, 47°
Minimum Focus 15.7" / 40 cm, 11.81" / 30 cm
Maximum Mag 0.16x, 0.11x (FF eq 0.22x)
Optical Design 17/12, 19/14
Diaphragm Blades 13, Rounded, 9, Rounded
Focus Type Autofocus , Autofocus
Image Stabilization No, No
Filter Size 72 mm (Front), 62 mm (Front)
Dimensions (ø x L) 81 x 108.8 mm, 70 x 87 mm
Weight 745 g, 410 g

I know the White Sox mean nothing to you North (far North in your case); but the Sox did win the World Series in 1917 and then in 2005. It is a bit disingenuous to say “Chicago endured a lack of championships that lasted 108 years.”

What a great opportunity to simplify that rats nest of cables down to one.

When my wife wants to 'go mobile', I just unplug a single USB-C cable from her laptop and her fully featured desktop system is now untethered.

That one cable charges her laptop, connects monitors, keyboard, conference camera and on and on.
Such an elegant, well built solution.

For a paltry AUD$65 (what, like $42 US?)
WAVLINK USB C Hub Triple Monitor - Laptop 12-in-1 Docking Station, Multiport Adapter with 4K HDMI, Dual 8K DP, 100W PD, 10Gbps USB3.1, USB2.0, RJ45, SD/TF Slots, Audio/Mic, for MacBook/Dell/HP/Lenovo


Regarding the trick question, it is my belief that the max aperture of the 50mm Sigma 1:1.2 lens is 41.66 mm. This will not change irrespective of the sensor size.
In its strict sense, aperture means physical size.
With all due respect, it is a poorly worded question, IMHO.

[Yes, this was a reference to a discussion from a week or two ago. See the post "f/1.7 is f/1.7 (Don't Be a Looser)" from April 2. --Mike]

There was a glitch in my previous response. All I can say about being Jason and Karen's wedding photographer is that I am so glad it did not happen when he played for the Red Sox. Knowing The Curse of the Bambino may appear, I cannot imagine how I would have felt being responsible for their Wedding Storybook. Can you imagine the pressure? Me, trying to capture their magical moments while constantly looking over my shoulder for any specter of The Curse sneaking into their wedding album? I dodged a curveball!

I reckon I'm what you'd call a crazed baseball fanatic who's about as composed as a squirrel in a jar of peanuts. I'm a die-hard supporter of the Phillies, Braves, Rays, and my beloved FSU! Go Noles! If you need me during game time, look for the gal painting her face in team colors and yelling at the TV screen—it's likely yours truly! I blame it on genetics, as my Gramps was a Phillies fanatic who spent his afternoons glued to the radio, screaming at the players as if they could hear him. I idolized Gramps, so it's in my blood. At least I don't do drugs!

f1.2 - the physical characteristics of a lens do not change based on what it is shining on.

PS - don't be a looser haha

Hi Mike. Good luck with the move. It’s a well known fact that cables clone themselves. I’ve reorganised my workplace three times in past year or so and each time I’ve had multiple leads left over. 3 printers, midi/dac and audio amplifier (Hifi) setup, streamdeck, Wacom, 2 monitors, usb hub with charging ports, Ethernet switch and so on. Then the temporary things like monitor calibrator and backup drives. Various chargers for cameras etc. Wireless, paperless office-hah! Please et us know how many spare cables you end up with.

That lens will be a f/1.2 lens. But I'm waiting for paragraphs of drivel from the equivalence guys.

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