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Tuesday, 16 April 2024


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What I want to see is a picture of your room with windows on all four sides. I'm trying to imagine it but I'm not coming up with anything.

Do you access it through a secret underground tram? Does the tram also reach the pool hall?

As they say on the online forums, pictures or it doesn't count!

When you have everything recombobulated, not today or even this week, please show us a panoramic view of the "lightbox".

I would assume that the Society for the Restoration of Lost Positives would have put their power fully behind the posting of the sign at the Milwaukee airport!

(Discombobulate itself seems to go back solidly into the 19th century.)

Back Room-
A place where secret, administrative, or supporting work is done.

Thank you for the delightful addition to my vocabulary, which I hope to employ as much as possible going forward. Good luck with the recombobulating!

Good luck with the move.

I have a box in my garage with bags and bags of cables and connectors. Each time I needed to move or reconfigure electronic equipment – computer, stereo, what-have-you – I would disconnect everything, put it in a bag, and then reconnect everything again on the other end.

Those bags and bags in the box are the bits that I never needed again. Don't know why I had them then, but they might have been important, so I still have them now.

Nine years at Finger Lakes?? Wow, it seems only last month I asked in the comment section how you pronounced "Waukesha". Congrats from south of the Equator on still being my port of call every morning.

My daughter is fond of saying "It's a great day, I'm feeling gruntled".

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