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Sunday, 07 April 2024


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I have an uplift V2 standing desk, and it's very solid and works great.


Recommended by NYT Wirecutter:


I upgraded the wood (reclaimed fir) on mine and spent about $900.

Tip: use threaded inserts in the desk top and attach the legs/frames using machine screws.

I used these along with some 1/4"-20 screws:

My father just bought a standing desk for less than $200. Some of the screw attachments will need revisiting but otherwise it's quite serviceable for his needs and surprisingly sturdy. He never stands at it, just adjusts the height of the desk for different tasks.

And thanks for pointing out that I can buy just the legs and use the IKEA desktop I'm using now.

For what it’s worth you don’t necessary have to be much of a woodworker. I bought the sit-stand base, then a bit of wooden, kitchen bench from a large hardware store (60cm deep, but they did 90cm too). I gave it a light sand and a bit of Danish oil and now I’ve my desk at exactly the right size (it had to sit in a dogleg corner without jutting out or pushing into the curtains). It wasn’t as easy as buying the whole shebang but it looks good and it fits.

My only problem is, standing really angries up my hip/pelvis pain. I did not see that coming, so now it’s just a sit desk.

Hi Mike, my wife found me one a couple of years ago on special.

Bought it for health reasons - too much sitting shortens a certain muscle from leg to hip & can cause lower back pain, along with muscle atrophy in the glutes.

Given how solid the legs were, I was using a band on it for leg exercises from my physiotherapist. All was going well until I forgot to take the band off, and pushed the memory button for my sitting position. The desk munched the band into the lower leg. I tried picking out the band, but couldn’t get it all out. The leg couldn’t go any further down, and couldn’t go up either - it was in error mode, and had to return to default position (all the way down) before it could be reset.

We were looking for a new house soon after, so I had to put it on the back burner. After moving and setting up my new home office, I was able to pull things apart, get to the elevating mechanism, and manually wind it up using a shifter and pull out all the munched band. Finally! I have my desk back. Now I just need to find the time to do my Physio exercises properly again.

IKEA makes a variety of standing desks at affordable prices.


Why are they all bandits?

Surely there's a market for careful intelligent removalists? Having had a dozen of them over my life, the only consistent factor is gross neglect and a sense of hyper urgency. So they can finish early and what then? Go onto their phones?

In movies, rich people have access to good removalists. How I wish that was a thing. Universally, they mistake kindness for weakness and always break the only thing you desperately wanted to keep unbroken.

Yes Bandits is a perfect descriptor.

You should confirm suspiciously high Amazon ratings on no-name brands with a review checker like https://reviewmeta.com. Review fraud is sadly very common on Amazon.

I had a standing desk during one of my corporate gigs. Loved it! Only problem was that it didn't go high enough for me. I ended up hoarding a bunch of copier paper bundles to raise things the extra couple of inches I needed. At one point they were selling them off after a purge, but I was too late to get one. Sigh.

Instead of having your Anabaptist friends make you a table top, just have them give you some scrap blocks of wood. Bring the blocks home and place them under the legs on the low side of the table, until it matches the high side. Pocket the unspent money.

Sometimes Mike you overthink things.

Topsky? Fezibo? Radlove? Sweetcrispy?!?

I am convinced these are AI-generated names.

I'll sit this one out.

ya haven't a leg to stand on....
sorry could not resist

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