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Saturday, 27 April 2024


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When I took a stab (short-lived) at auto crossing with our Miata, the best advice I received was "Go slow to go fast." Probably applies to touch typing too!

I completely agree with you about fantastical movies. What is the saying, "Truth is Stranger than Fiction"? What I have found very interesting and am curious about, thinking of Ridley Scott - who I am very much a fan, are the couple of presentations of the negative side of (in)famous personages from history. Are Ridley Scott's portrayal of Napoleon and PBS's recent Julius Caesar a propitious warning about self-centered misogynistic would-be emperors? Is History about to repeat itself?

I do not know if you mentioned the 1998 ‘Wings of Hope’ movie by Werner Herzog in your previous aviation video post. It is a documentary about the sole survivor of a 1971 plain crash in the Peruvian jungle. It is available on YouTube. Image quality is not great and Herzog is taking it slowly. He revisits the site in the jungle with the woman who survived the crash. Amazing story it is.

I'm an odd bod. Or odd fellow?

Either way, welcome to the club Mike!

Falling asleep during Alien. I'd hazard a guess that there were three people, globally, who managed that feat during that particular movie.

I tips me hat guvnor.

if you are interested in aviation safety stories told well and prefer to read, i recommend an online writer called Admiral Cloudberg

Airline accidents are big news because they are so rare. Automobile deaths are far more dangerous (common) but are seldom (if ever) national "front page" news.

Motor vehicle crashes are preventable, yet they continue to be a leading cause of death in the United States. An average of 36,791 crash deaths occurred each year (101 deaths each day) during 2015–2019 in the United States.


Good luck with the touch typing. My father encouraged me to take typing in high school many years ago. Possibly the most useful class I took way back then -- so far back that we had only one electric typewriter in the classroom.

Mentour Pilot is a good channel. Not only does he knows what he is talking about, he knows how to explain it in a very easy manner. If you want to see something really scary, don’t miss this one.

This is a little late, but you mentioned thinking of seeing the McCartney exhibit. It first came to the US at the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk, Va. I took the opportunity to see it three times since I live in the area. As a photographer, I expected to be entertained with a walk down memory lane (minus any particularly great photographic talent) but what I experienced was so very much more. McCartney is a good photographer—even as a young man. The photos were so humanizing—one can feel the maelstrom into which they were thrown, and sense their own incredulity of the situations in which they found themselves. It certainly took me back in time but not in any way I’d imagined beforehand—and much for the better. Minor disclaimer—McCartney willingly admits he was mentored by the professional photographer that accompanied them; quite a perk for a budding photographer and something few of us had the luxury.]

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