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Wednesday, 03 April 2024


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Give me 62 minutes to make an omelette, and I’ll spend the first 60 flipping rice

You've caused me to remember the last five minutes of the movie BIG NIGHT (1996). Secondo (played by Stanley Tucci) makes an omelette for himself, his brother Primo (Tony Shalhoub), and the kitchen assistant.

There is only one word in the whole scene, when the assistant says "grazie" (thank you).

Primo's putting his arm around his brother's shoulders for a moment is unbearably tender.


Honestly,that steel only mumbo jumbo is just that: moonism and spookism. It's possible to use carbon steel, stainless, aluminum. And the no soap washing? same. All of which assumes you pay attention to what you're doing.

#3, but I like the look of f4 on full frame or 2.8 an APS-C. The Sigma 18-50 singehandedly lured me out of m43 and I'm very happy with it and the A6700. For very shallow dof, it's the Sigma 23 or 30/1.4 (which I believe you've owned).

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