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Monday, 15 April 2024


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I guess Jimmy Buffett was right, "Changes In Latitude, Changes In Attitude..." Its April and I know that my cameras will be stowed until late October. My photo season ends when I sweat through my shirt walking out to my car.

I did have a very photographically productive autumn and winter when the temperatures dipped into the 70s and wimpy Floridians put on sweaters.

Spring is when I should probably limit my caffeine intake, because all the light is a natural energizer, and I sleep less. I exercise more, and my solar watch finally gets a decent charge.

I've always found it a challenging time for outdoor photography in Minnesota. It's the season of blowing trash and bare limbs, and muddy/icy trails. Probably good for bird photography, since there are no leaves in the way.

As for lists, "A spring wind blew my list of things to do away" -Greg Brown.


You may claim as a tax deduction that portion of your cell phone use that is for business purposes. Likewise, your internet account: deductible for the business portion.

Mike, I knew a boat yard owner who who made a list of lists in the early spring. Springtime is a very busy time at boat yards.

When I read how soon you develop B&W film after shooting it affects image quality the loudest laugh just bursted out of me.

Two days ago I found a small cardboard box at the bottom of my fridge, way at the back. Didn’t know what it was, so I opened it.
It had eight (eight!) canisters with exposed but unprocessed 35mm film. According to the labels, I shot them almost 12 years ago.
All made by me, seven HP5 cause I always loved the grain and a single FP4.

Spring is a great time to energize your photography. However, if you lived further south, you could spend all year taking pictures of skyscrapers and mannequins.

Stop photographing in Winter? Some of my favorite times for B&W pics. A full year hobby.

I suppose you outdoor people do have to pay attention to the weather. It was certainly a concern for the eclipse photos!

I must admit, Winter is the best period for my Architectural photography. Light is good all day, and the "blue hour", which is good for effect, when buildings are floodlit arrives around five O clock.

An added bonus for me here in Italy, is that the crowds are much smaller ,than in summer.

From June onwards, until September, it gets too hot here to go out and do photography, and the light is harsh and hazy here.

Checklists for cameras! What a great idea! I now own (and use) three (count’m 3) Lumix micro 4/3 camera bodies (plus a 4th I do not use and a P&S that I do). They’re all, of course, different! Never had a problem with film cameras, including the wonderful and highly automated (comparatively speaking) Minolta Maxxum 7. Even my Sony a850 is so similar to the Max 7 that its menus are not difficult. But these newer machines that do so many more things and all of them with multiple variations. Good thing I like the pictures that they spit out!

With a 512gb card in each of my cameras, I read the bit about spare cards as really harkening back to a era bygone. With some fondness I might add.

I'm an old fella with a feeble mind. I need to keep my list short.

F8 and be there.

A checklist is a brilliant idea for cameras. But I wonder: is a generic checklist for digital photography possible? I feel like film photography and darkroom had those, but with so many different UIs, maybe the best we can do for digital is a list of do's and don'ts.

Weirdly, I've been watching flying videos, too, (though not as much now as I did this winter). I found Hoover's channel a bit sensationalist and prefer Juan Brown's "blancolirio" channel for accident analysis. He's a commercial jet pilot. But my favorite flying channel of late is AOPA's (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Assn). I enjoy their non-bait-y earnestness and combination of great footage and home-made flavor--a kind of folksy, cheery-but-sober advocacy that seems right for general aviation. They just hired a pro to manage their "digital content", so I hope the flavor doesn't change too much. Not a very diverse world, though, G.A.

Good luck with the HQ relocation!

Checklist- don't fly without one!
I made my own custom ones for the planes I could rent at the local airport. Easier for me to follow, and I could include items missing from the standard ones.
For each of my cameras, I've made little cheat sheets to remind me how I've customized the buttons, and pasted them somewhere on the camera. Behind the flip-out screen is good for the GX8 and the GH5.

Best wishes on the move, and the opportunity to recombobulate. (I laughed at that sign when I first saw it on a trip to Oshkosh)

I am not a big fan of flying videos but the one youtube channel I really enjoy is mentour pilot.

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