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Friday, 01 March 2024


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Maybe it fixes the acoustics? I don’t know, I’ve see a lot worse, perhaps Frank Gehry dropped by in the 80s? That missing lath would drive me nuts. That reminds me of “The Last Lath” book of architecture cartoons
I have a copy of it somewhere, it was always out at my architect grandmother’s house.

Turquoise GE built-in oven, range, vent fan, and matching sink! The next owner needs to save these classics. The street appeal is poor because of the expanse of driveway. Astro-turf on the steps??

Some kind of fancy floor standing speakers, almost look home made. The whole house has some appeal to me, despite the glass tables that I don't like at all.

My home office used to have a lattice ceiling like this. Even rougher and worse-looking, because there was no sheetrock behind it. The room was a late addition, built as a potting shed. I assume they just hung pots from hooks on the latticework. When I removed it and installed a real ceiling, I saved the lattice panels because they make excellent partial shade covers for my garden.

Made me think of a house that my family has rented a couple of times in Fort Bragg, CA north of San Francisco. It's a large house with an open plan kitchen/dining/living space that's probably almost 1000 square feet with very high ceilings. That entire space is covered in redwood paneling - but if you look at it, there's not a single knot anywhere (i.e. it's "clear" redwood). Judging by the architecture it was early 1970s - getting that kind of wood today would be an absolute fortune, if even possible at all!

I apologize for the late comment-I'm a slow reader.

There's a mirror on the inside of the door of the half-bath in the Laundry Room which would create an interesting "picture".

I would not want to be in charge of making sure every one of those lattice squares got properly cleaned each week! Great dust catcher!

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