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Saturday, 23 March 2024


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For a number of years I've been interested in infrared photography. Because it lacks a color filter array (e.g. Bayer filter) the Pentax K-3 Mark III Monochrome seems like it would be ideal for conversion to infrared. Has anyone here tried this? If so, what has your experience been?

I suppose you'd also be surprised that 55%+ of the US market for vehicles is crossover/SUV. Neither car nor truck.

If you spend a lot on something, you tend to want "utility". You wouldn't want to buy a Miata and then discover you have the need to move a bale of hay once every two weeks.

Just wanted to remind you about another possibility. I checked the local Craigslist (SoCal) and found three old style (minimum electronics) washing machines for 200$ or less.

I have a decades old Maytag that just keeps chugging along. If it fails before me I intend to buy a used unit. The new electronics loaded machines are an abomination and I will not buy into them. Ditto modern cars.


Interesting to recall that most compact consumer digicams were based on video technology. Those hybrids were ubiquitous, once, though in retrospect it seems like only for an instant before they gave way to the larger CMOS sensors developed for still imaging.

In a way, though, they echoed the original 35mm compact film cameras, which similarly adapted movie technology for still photography. Meanwhile, those big-sensor cameras went through a mirror-image (no pun intended) evolution toward hybriditude. And now here we are, some of us using video-centric cameras evolved from those hybrids to shoot stills. What next? Imax in my pocket?

I know that I have video on my camera, but I forget to use it. My whole work is "hey, look at that!". With video, it's more "what was that?". I keep looking for something to snap out of reality so I can look at it. I just feel sneaky.

I have the Sigma fp which I use for stills only and I love the files it produces - colour RAW and square B/W JPEGs.
It’s quirky but, aside from the absence of any stability assistance, meets all my needs, except for grandkids’ football.

I agree that included video capabilities in a camera can be useful, even though I rarely use it. I once used the video on my Olympus c5060 at the time to get both my parents in talking action, and now, because of that, it’s the only moving image I have to remember them by.

Mike wrote 'If I were advising anyone else who wanted a B&W camera, though, I would simply say to go for the Pentax, or consider one of the B&W Leicas if you can afford them and they appeal to you. They are popular and well regarded.'

I would amend that good advice to say that before buying ANY monochrome camera, thoroughly evaluate the monochrome conversion software options and confirm hardware offers results unachievable with a current color capable camera.

As someone still shooting HP5 (all formats including 4X5), I've dreamed of a Monochrome for years as in "wouldn't it just be easier to skip some of film's labors of Hercules?" Drooled over a Leica Mono, but there's the pocketbook and I'm not really a rangefinder guy anyway (though some of my fav shots came from one or two). Think often of converting my Fuji XT-4 'cause I use it all the time and digital converted files just don't do B&W justice with the extra kick that true monochromes have IMHO, but that probably awaits an upgrade to a Fuji XT-6 or something even later down the road. That said, as a Mamiya fan still shooting an RB67, I love the RB look you've got. Just hesitate over acquiring a new basket of lenses (says the guy with too many). Ditto for the Pentax M... though I drool over that, too. Maybe with all this drooling, I need to visit my dentist?

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