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Sunday, 10 March 2024


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In my personal experience, a Featured Comment is something that will make me more likely to dive into the others.

Why have the comments tailed off over the years? Your posts haven't got less interesting. Perhaps your audience was very old and no longer with us? Do your web stats provide any clues?

Just here to comment and bring the average up a bit.. cheers!

On my own blog when I write about very recent gear introductions or do a long camera review my comments go up a lot. If I write about swimming or eating pecan pie, or swimming or running or swimming, the comments fall off a cliff.

Blogs about swimming are also very good at cutting down on page views. Especially if I mark the columns "OT" and have swimming in the headline.

Want a ton of comments? Try Apple versus PC, or Sony versus Canon. But don't blame me if you have to wade through revived flame wars...

(Darn ellipses...).

I think you've been doing a very good job at managing comments. I haven't once felt uncomfortable with what has been written by you or others. Compared to the rest of the interweb, this is a rare oasis of civility.

What Robert Roaldi said,

"I used to have a bias against people who write poorly. What cured me of that I was I was cured when I realized that English isn't everybody's first language!"


Ellipses are not three dots in a row, folks. It is an entire character entity, most easily entered with macOS or iOS. Other operating systems need to make their own arrangements.


There might be a way to validate Kye Wood's hypotesis. Browsers have what's called "User Agent" string and it usually shows up in the webserver log (i.e. your hosting provider log). If you have by any chance access to that, some statistics can be computed from there. Or maybe Typepad already offers you some analytic tools to surface that kind of information...

I am in the habit of visiting TOP roughly weekly via RSS (it shows which and how many posts are unread, which is a great help) and play catch-up on a week's worth of content. As a result I invariably get to see many of the Featured Comments, which provides me with the highlights from readers' contributions. I often don't scroll past that section and really appreciate its existence.

I'm surely one of many here who value both the amount of effort you must expend and the civility with which you handle your moderation. It can't be easy but in my view it makes each article and its comments more valuable. I have very little patience with inane or deliberately inflammatory content and will soon lose interest and stop visiting if the arguments and negativity begin to outweigh the useful information. That simply doesn't happen on TOP and I'm relieved that's the case.

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