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Sunday, 24 March 2024


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Let me see if I've got this right: You don't want an ordinary camera with a video switch because its (invisible) presence bothers you. But you have a keyboard with ten layers and that *doesn't* bother you. Have I got that right?

[Not really...I don't know yet if it will bother me or not. It hadn't arrived when I wrote that, and I need at least a few weeks to try it out. As I said, I just want to try it, so that I have some direct personal experience of some of the things I'm reading about. I hope and expect that this will be learning experience for me, and I don't demand any more of it than that. --Mike]

If you’re going with Colemak, look into Colemak-DH (or “Colemak Mod-DH”) – moves D and H into better spots to match their frequent use – https://colemakmods.github.io/mod-dh/

[I started on that, but regular Colemak is supported on Mac and I can switch to it with the click of the mouse. So I switched to regular Colemak for the sake of convenience. So far I think I like it better, but then I'm not a speed typist. --Mike]


Make no mistake, I applaud your zeal. But wow, typing on this reminds me of programming in 'assembly' instead of using a 'programming language'.

Just quietly, between us, have you tested the latest voice to text functionality? It can make a keyboard irrelevant. Just sayin'

Looks interesting. So I looked up Colemak for Germans, in https://colemak.com/Multilingual#German_.28Deutsch.29 - but that still wouldn't solve my thoughts about where to put all that AltGR and so on. "Wherever you want" might be your answer, but I'm afraid I'm getting too old for that, muscle memory and all...
Nice article, thanks!

This makes my head hurt! I will just keep typing with one, sometimes two fingers!

Since you brought up keyboards, I'll report that I've been trying out Logitech's K860 ERGO keyboard https://www.logitech.com/en-us/products/keyboards/k860-split-ergonomic.920-009166.html

A la Microsoft, Logitech took a fairly standard PC 101-key layout and footprint and 'sculpted' it to a more ergonomic but fixed shape, adding a split, tenting and splay. Logitech gives the rows a slight radius to further accommodate hand anatomy.

Top marks for build quality and materials--unexpectedly sturdy-feeling with a padded palm rest with just-right texture and firmness. There are legs to optionally tilt the keyboard up at the front at either of two angles. Best feature for me is that it's dual-OS and pairs with multiple devices, which makes switching between Mac and Windows machines quick and easy, and all the keys are where they should be in either case and labeled for both systems where needed.

Unfortunately, I don't like the keys. They're scissor/membrane (a feel I dislike), require more pressure than I like, and keys like Enter and Backspace are on the small side (I miss occasionally, though I expect I'd acclimate).

I have various niggles and likes, but them's the highlights.

You said, "So, to type capital "R," I would hold down the I key and tap R."

How do you type a capital I?

[By holding down R and tapping I. I is right-shift, R is left-shift, just as your laptop keyboard has two shift buttons one on each side. --Mike]

Not many people seem to be getting on (key)board with you.

Is dictation an option?

Oh my. Fits right in with your camera contraption. Seems you have a rebellious streak (often bordering on reverse snobbery) for many of your product preferences and choices. Did you ever try the borrowed Monochrom? Simple as it gets.

Gee I have things I actually need to get done today and you made me Google Ferris Sweep. Now that’s a rabbit hole of many dimensions.

To chip in again, I also bought a Logitech K860 (as did robert e, above.) I found it quite easy to adapt to, although it really forces you (or me, anyway) to sharpen up on the touch-typing. It's like a standard keyboard that got melted. I didn't notice right away, the leveling legs on the bottom actually have two components, raising it either lower or higher. I haven't had it long, but I do think it helps my wrists.

Mike, you're nuts. But we love it!

I just got the GKM-Combo 1 a full-size "normal" QWERTY keyboard. I'm in love with it. I've been typing on MacBook Pro units for over 10 years, and I've never been super satisfied. The GKM has conservatively added 5 WPM to my typing, already at about 20 WPM. I compose as I type so the WPM number isn't that important. The GKM keyboard uses Cherry switches, considered the industry standard. I always believed that the prudent place to spend your money is with your interface with the world. This is similar to stereo equipment where the turntable and stylus as well as the speakers are the most important components in your system.

I think its time to test drive the Logitech ERGO K860. It may not look like a Borg input device but its easy on the wrists and customizable to some degree. The shiny brochure says you can use its unifying dongle with a Logitech mouse and Logitech Flow to move between multiple paired devices, remap function keys, create keystroke shortcuts/mouse gestures/App-Specific settings and its two AAA batteries last for two years. Its also got Bluetooth and three pairing keys so you can pair it with your phone if you like. I just use mine to toggle back and forth between Apple and Windows laptops and appreciate that the keys have text for both systems.

"Here are reviews of the ZSA Voyager by my two favorite online keyboard reviewers, Ben Vallack and Ben Frain."

Yeah? well mine are, Ben There and Don That!

[Ed. note: AutoHotkey is Windows only.]

For Mac, try Karabiner-Elements at https://karabiner-elements.pqrs.org

Free, open source, community supported (you can download rule sets uploaded by other users).

I use it to make my Windows keyboard act like a Mac keyboard and hot-key launch a program or two, but it's capable of much more (though I'm not ready to invest the time).

will there be a "Keyboard" category? I think there should be.

That's a dilly of a pickle [bites apple].
Hey Mike. How ya gonna program that keyboard without a... keyboard?

This post. This is why I read this, and only this, blog g. You really write good :-)

Oh boy, I haven’t checked VSL yet, but just wait until Kirk reads this post!

Ok, I get it now. Instead of sparing us a new post until next year, you’re just going to keep updating this post along the way.

[Yeah, but what would you have to complain about if I didn't? ::wink:: By the way, I'm up to 15 WPM on the whole alphabet in Colemak using the split Dygma Raise with the awesomely smooth and solid Gamakay Mercury switches. Knew you'd want to know. ::wink and smiley:: --Mike]

Complaints bothersome? Imagine being a TOP reader. ::wink::

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