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Sunday, 14 January 2024


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Oh, to be in Detroit today!
(Must be like being in Chicago in 2016!)

And all I can say is: Go Pack.
Some years ago we attended a NY Giants v Cowboys game in Giants stadium. My wife is a Giants fan. There was a rather large, jolly gent next to us in full Cowboy regalia, hooting ‘“Come on, ‘Boys” every time they screwed up. It was hilarious.

As a former Wisconsin Cheesehead, last night was truly a game to remember! Taking down "America's Team": on their home turf/rug was so sweet. Even though the last few minutes were nail-biting after a 27pt lead, handing the Cowboys a painful loss was a testimony to the Green Bay perseverance. Especially with such a young average age roster.
Jimmy Johnson's half-time intensity was worth watching.
One more comment. There was a graphic that showed Farve, Rodgers, and Love...but left out
their most famous, IMHO, predecessor Bart Starr. He started the Green Bay modern-day legend.

[But you see, the almost-comeback we allowed them at the end was actually part of the delight of the whole evening, because it gave their fans a glimmer of hope that they could come back--and then snuffed it out. So satisfying. --Mike]

What is happening in Wisconsin tonight? No clue...

I looked at today's forecast for Wisconsin, and thought what's so great compared to where you are?

Ah yes, the playoffs. I switched off the Browns game shortly after the second half started. "Best defense" my a#*!

Oh. I see. An America Football game. Hmmm.

I thought that you would want to be in Alexandra Palace.
My apologies for going too far O.T.

You should have seen Detroit.

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