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Wednesday, 06 December 2023


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Think of organizing the book as composing your photo. What are the key parts of the image? What are the leading lines? How do you want the viewers eyes to flow through the story?

You got this.

Greg LeMond was a powerful influence on me in my early 20's.

Two things he said really stuck with me.

QUESTION: Greg, why do you train where it's so brutally hot and hilly?

ANSWER: 'Because' it's so awful. There's pleasure in adversity.

2. "Train hard. Race easy".

You're doing the equivalent of the 'train' bit. In the brutal heat, up hills. The rest (the race) will be like coasting downhill.

Go Mike!!!

FYI - Greg LeMond won the Tour de France in 1986; he is the first non-European professional cyclist to win the men's Tour. He then won it two more times.

(Insert some appropriate words of encouragement here)

My own writing journey is slow and sporadic. I tend not to talk about the small progress made, mostly because I'm allergic to hyperbolic, loud mouthed braggarts full of themselves and their accomplishments which amount to little, and I fear being admitted to their ranks. I'm NOT including you in this group for reporting on progress with your book project. But I worry that talk about a project becomes the project, rather than the work on the project.

Please find the time to work on your book. But hey! What happened to the last Baker's Dozen? Another diversion you probably don't need right now...

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