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Saturday, 23 December 2023


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Wearable Accessory — do you mean jewelry? Then how can you forget the Rolex of cameras, the Leica Qs, Ms?

The X100V is a rational alternative to the much more expensive (and full frame) Leica Q cameras, IMHO, but...why don't these companies make them with a set of dedicated compact interchangeable lenses? Say, 28/50/85 with maybe a 2x extender? I don't care for Sony cameras but I have to say that A7CR is both aesthetically and functionally interesting. The problem with FF cameras is that their lenses are so damn big. The camera companies have seen how desirable "small" is, I don't understand why they don't explore it more -- Pentax has a great set of very compact lenses, but not the small body to go with them. Micro 4/3 seems dead in the water...I think Fuji is the real possible alternative, if they'd make an X100V and a set of Pentax-style pancake lenses.

I have an original Z6, am waiting for a Z6III to upgrade, but am nonetheless eyeing the Zf for the fashion related reasons you state. Even though I already have a Zfc as a second camera 😣

Apropos one of your favourite lenses, the HD Pentax-DA 35mmF2.8 Macro Limited: the very, very beautiful silver version is suddenly listed as "discontinued".
Why? No idea.
Will that be the fate of all the silver Limiteds? No idea.
Some shops may have a copy on the shelves, aficionados beware.

I can remember a long discussion on a Leica site 20 or so years ago about the "Cameras As Jewelry" thing. Many use to talk about putting electrical tape over their Leica M bodies to cover the tiny red dot on the logo. They use to argue that it would dissuade would-be thieves who for some reason would be rendered ignorant to the value of the camera with no red dot. I use to argue that any photographer would know what camera it was dot or no dot, but the general public, including thieves would not be impressed by a person with a multi-thousand Leica if they were standing next to someone with a plastic SLR and a kit lens.

If I'm out and see a Fujifilm X100V around someone's neck, I think how lucky they were to get one while it was available. But I doubt most non photographers would care. Sometimes jewelry has a target audience that it impresses.

May I also add that the Titanium Contax G1 (not so much the G2 which is bulkier) with a 28mm f2.8 Biogon lens is a very pretty wearable accessory?

Perhaps the original camera as fashion accessory was the Olympus O-Product. A pedestrian Stylus 35mm point-and-shoot dressed up in a lovely aluminum retro body. It was created for Olympus' 70th anniversary, back in 1988. I photographed and wrote about it here:


Goodness! At those prices, if I had that kind of money, I'd rather just simply buy a Leica Q2 or even Q3 instead.

The only time I caved to a retro/fashion camera was when I bought the Olympus Pen-F. I remember at the time trying to decide between whatever version of the Fuji X100 was the current one at the time and the Olympus. A sale on the Pen-F in a kit with the 25mm and 45mm f/1.8 sealed the deal for me. These too have maintained their value as they are a bit of a collectors item I guess. It's a nice little camera with great jpegs, but don't ever try to shoot video wit it ...

Mike: You can actually buy an X100V at Amazon right now, although the prices start at $1,900, rather a lot for a fixed-lens camera, but then remember you're getting the lens. But the camera has been particularly hard to get for a long time now. DPReview says it is "so desirable that it's almost impossible to actually buy an X100V (without paying a substantial premium over the list price). . . . B&H lists it for a slightly more reasonable $1,400, which hardly helps, as it is "temporarily out of stock" there, a condition that's been so persistent that they might have to rethink that word "temporarily."

No problem. Pick up a Leica Q3 for a few casabas less than $6000.

Oh, wait: they’re back-ordered, too.

Why doesn't the Nikon Zfc and Zf get the same love?

Bah... fashion accessories!

Cameras are tools - a means to an end - nothing more, nothing less. Unless, of course, one is a camera collector not a photographer.

But what do I know... you should see the way I dress! ;-)

Re-The next X100_:
Mr. Camp: "...I think Fuji is the real possible alternative, if they'd make an X100V and a set of Pentax-style pancake lenses."
No need for interchangeable lenses...just make four different X100 models. One for each of four permanently attached small primes: 14mm (21-e), 18mm (28mm-e), 23mm (35mm-e) and 35mm(50mm-e).
Try 'em, buy 'em, sell 'em, trade 'em....collect all four!
They're small enough that one could easily carry any two in two coat pockets or all four in a modestly sized shoulder bag. I'd probably buy all four.

P.S: It'd be nice if the next camera in the X100 series had the facility for scale focusing WITHOUT looking through the finder or viewing the rear display...a capability the X100's up 'till now have sadly lacked.

I've had the X100F since 2017 (replaced the original X100 that I bought in 2012), traveled to many countries and put many thousands of photos through it. Wonderful camera and, in my opinion, the all time contender for your original "Decisive Moment Digital" back in the day!

It's crazy to think that I could put this 6 year old camera on ebay and sell it today for about what I bought it for in 2017. I guess that means photography is still thriving!

I'm told that Panasonic GM1s are increasing in price on used sites. It's hard to predict what becomes a cult classic.

I'm lucky t have an x100V as well as the earlier x100t, which I haven't got round to selling yet. One point worth mentioning that differentiates these cameras from some of the alternatives you mention is the hybrid viewfinder which allows you to switch to Leica-mode for street photogrpahy.

However I agree with John Camp about creating a range of fixed lens alternatives. I'd be happy with 35mm(e) and 50mm(e) versions, one in each pocket.

I used this kind of pairing with a Leica M4 and M3. There's more of a difference between these focal lengths than some folk might think, although others might prefer 28/50

I remember Bruce Davidson saying he had a special jacket made with two pockets for two Leicas before his trip to the UK which resulted in https://www.magnumphotos.com/arts-culture/bruce-davidson-englandscotland-1960/

The X100f is the only digital camera I ever made a profit off.
I bought it used a year or so after the introduction of the X100V and sold it a year ago for twice what I paid due to the X100V shortage ripple effect.

There really is no substitute to a X100/X-Pro if you want a useful optical finder (not counting dumb accessory finders) - unless your pockets are deep enough to allow for a Leica M.

I wanted to love the X100F but it didn't work for me.
I had hoped for a digital camera I could just pre-focus, lift to the eye and snap, like I do with my film Leica, but I learned that the X100f, like all digital cameras, needs time, if ever so short, to wake up before shooting.

I tried to keep it on constantly, resulting in missed opportunities due to depleted batteries, but even in constantly-on-mode there would seemingly always be some little thing delaying taking the picture.

Gave up trying to completely dump-down the operation of the camera and reverted to film for that approach to photography.

Mike, Where are all the X100Vs ? At MPB UK 93 of them used for sale. Beggars belief ! and at a price .

I have owned every iteration of the X100 series. I am eagerly awaiting the upgrade which is supposed to be in 2024. They are the only cameras I have ever owned that I barely lost money on when I upgraded. The difference between the original purchase price and what I got when selling them was easily forgiven from the joy I had using the cameras. If I recall correctly the the most I ever lost off the original price of the camera was $300.

What's the appeal? First of all the camera is beautiful. It works great. It's well made. It's a no nonsense photography tool that also happens to very nice to look at. There is a certain rigor that goes along with only having one lens that actually opens up creative possibilities. I have other cameras where I can change the lens but I use them far less often. I sometimes wonder why I actually still have them. Yes, you can only put one lens on them but in the end you alway end up thinking well maybe I should take the 50, the 28 and the 85 also. It's probably similar to the appeal of a monochrome digital camera. It's B/W live with it and embrace it.

I also have both GR's. I really love them too but not as much as the X100.

That meme about the x100 being created for a small audience is about creating a mystique for the camera it may not deserve. I remember well the huge pre-release marketing for the camera showing peeks of the camera in deep black adds hinting at what was to come.The force they put behind the advertising convinced me that Fuji was looking for a home run even though the success may be more than hoped for.

Actually I misread John Camps comment - I'm more in line with Keith B. I should take more time!

Leica discontinued the digital CL, just as compact as the 100V with a similar f2 Summicron lens (interchangeable too!) and arguably a better EVF (greater magnification)! Tik-Tok has proven success at generating all kinds of enthusiasm for various miscellany, but the Fuji 100V deserves better as it is (I understand, not having owned one) a very capable camera. Of course the 100V is less expensive than the Leica, even now with prices for used CL's re-gaining ground.
Yes, some cover up the red dot with tape (I always paint mine black) to render them incognito to potential theft. No fashionista's there!

If I were to find myself owning one of the Sony A7Cs, the first lens I’d buy for it is the Sony FE 40mm f/2.5 G. The high-resolution version is particularly tempting, especially since its non-sale price still just slides under $3K.

But I have an X100V. I’m hoping now that I’ve just retired that I’ll have more time to use it.

My vote for most attractive wearable camera is the Rolleiflex. It's also a most practical camera/ornament, as it's designed to be shot from more or less the wearing position, around the neck or over the shoulder.

Where is that digital Rolleiflex we've been waiting for?

I'm probably an outlier in the Fuji X100V universe. All retail options being back-ordered, I finally bought one from a guy who was moving to a Leica Q. Even though I've been intrigued by the X100 series since the first one, we just didn't hit it off, that little camera and I. My period of ownership began around Christmas of 2021, and ended April 2022.

Of my current stable of cameras, the Panasonic GX8 (silver) is the one I gravitate to the most. Huawei P20 for monochrome, for which I bought that camera, er, phone, and my Android phone for snapshots and documentation, and everything else one uses those devices for these days.

The other night I saw someone walking down the street with what I thought was a Leica IIIf around their neck and high up on their chest like a little necklace.

Not sure how you'd take pictures with that thing in the super dark night anyway.

I brought my Olympus OMD on this trip but have not used it enough to justify the size of the camera bag. I might buy one of those small sensor point and shoots that I can stuff in a small fanny pack and use for pictures not ideally suited for iPhone capture.

Fanny packs are not very jewelry-like.

OT, but I wonder if you might post a critique of the DPReview studio tests. I have looked everywhere on their site for a summary of how it is done. They never seem to cite the lenses used when testing, yet you can pixel peep to your delight. Is it different lenses on the different cameras? I look at the samples at center and corners and wonder how much is influenced by focus and lens acuity as well as sample variability. Is it like comparing apples and oranges?

I hope you get the gist of my query.

Do have a great holiday season.

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