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Sunday, 03 December 2023


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Teddy Roosevelt?

Winston Churchill’s parents? (Mother was American IIRC.)

Your grandparents?

Make that great grandparents.... but neither would have come up if I'd "cheated",( I suspect they're well known) so neither is correct, I reckon.

Harry Longabaugh, better known as the Sundance Kid. And Miss Etta Place.

Harry Longbaugh (the Sundance Kid) and Etta Place. Source: https://tatteredandlostphotographs.blogspot.com/2012/04/looking-blissful-at-bliss-bros.html

I believe it’s Harry Longabaugh and Etta Place.

George Eastman and wife?

Mike, it is Harry Longabaugh (aka the Sundance Kid) and Etta Place.

I had a book for Christmas somewhere around 55 years ago, and it was about the “wild west”.

I was fascinated then and I still am, regarding the short span of history that is pertinent to the USA, so long as you ignore the history of the “red injuns”.

In another, unrelated fascination, I have a piece of rough wood sitting on my hearth. This one is not for burning though, it was taken from the ground beneath the “Ankerwycke Yew” in Wraysbury, it is on the opposite side of the river to where the Americans created a dedication to the site where Magna Carta was sealed.

Near, but far.

Oh and N.B. Mike…

I had to consult the book, it is sitting on a shelf, blow the dust off and flick through the pages until I found the picture to get the spelling.

It is still a wonderful read, and I have put it on the floor by my chair to have another look, later.

BTW: There are also other snaps of “the hole in the wall" gang there, and some of them, including Butch Cassidy and “Kid” Curry look pretty unsavoury.

Easy: images.google.com search by images yields https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sundance_Kid

The truly amazing thing (for us old people) is that it takes less than a second for Google (and others I suppose) to find the answer when I paste just the image into their search engine.

And on top or that, as I type this my browser keeps accurately (and sometimes creatively) suggesting the next word and/or phrase. Fun.

I'm waiting for Mike to try making images using AI. That would be great fun.

My 1st guess was Robert Parker and Etta Place.

I was close, but it won’t pay. The bloke is Harry Longabaugh.


(Ie. The Sundance Kid, not Butch Cassidy, with Ms Place.)

The Sundance Kid

Batt Masterson - purely a guess.

It’s Harry Alonzo Longabaugh and Etta Place.


Wyatt Earp & Josephine ( nee Marcus? Baylock? can't remember her last name....)

Just a guess but ... George Eastman

Relatives of yours?

Don't ask me why, but I happen to have, as a subset of my collection, photos that have in the background the studio of famous 19th century photographers (almost always, presumably, by accident). The Bliss Brothers, from whence this cabinet card comes, are hardly famous, but I would be proud to have this awesome shot of their studio. Studying it with the exegetical rigor typically reserved for ancient hieroglyphs or the Zapruder film is most rewarding. Enjoy.

Fun find! (After spending a summer researching daguerreotypes and later “-types” of the era all men, living or dead, look the same to me behind facial hair. So I had little chance.)

Ah, but the embers of my youthful memories still smolder when I think of my high school sweetheart whom I took to see Butch Cassidy several times. She was a lovely young lady, and my best friend through much of my teen age.

The cabin Butch Cassidy supposedly lived in is in a farm field near Circleville, Utah. A bit South of Big Rock Candy Mountain. Worth a stop if you are traveling through.

Who is this couple?

How close you have to follow the real history when making a movie? If Robert Redford had used a mustache like that it would never have been successful.

[But he did! --Mike]

Ah, you're right! My old brain must be full of strange distorted images. In fact the moustache is the only resemblance between them!

Thanks for the photo Mike. Never saw it before. That movie is very close to my heart.

My parents got married in 1970. They lived in a small town in southern Mexico, 1,000 km away from the capital, and my father arranged a honeymoon to Mexico City, coincidentally, in the very same weeks when the city would be hosting the World Cup (and a legendary one, by the way).

Nevertheless, my mother always talked fondly of those weeks. Of the many movies they went to see, they bought one LP soundtrack, that of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. After my father died at 44 I often would go to that LP and think about that young couple, enjoying life like never before, and never after, in the big city. My mother never married again, and after she died most of their stuff got lost.

Growing up before cable or VCRs I couldn't watch the movie until my teens, with the arrival of the Betamax to the whole world. It struck me as a very odd western, where the leading characters were most of the time on the run, being vulnerable, and with that very civil love triangle.

Now I can see that it is a very '60s western. I found a little echo of Jules and Jim (one of my favorite films ever) in that lifelong friendship / love triangle. Its no so much about being a gunman as about being outside of society, stealing from the rich, singing in the rain and riding a bicycle. Of course, you have to die young for it. It's from the same year as Easy Rider, another (arguably much better) movie about running to stand still.

In 1994 the Macedonian movie Before the Rain won the Gold Lion in Venice and I went to see it at the theater. It's about a war photographer from the Balkans, but the director slipped in a little homage scene where the protagonist rides a bike to the famous tune.

Every time I found a new piece about that movie I smile and think back of that LP and that summer. So thanks again.

[A wonderful memory story, Francisco, thanks. --Mike]

He may have been the "Sundance Kid" but in this photo he looks like he might be Butch Cassidy's accountant.

I rewatched the movie only last year and spent an hour researching the trio afterwards, yet I couldn’t name the couple. Memories keep falling out my head

They were real people?????

That's a great self-portrait by Herman Krieger. Thank you, Mr. Krieger. For those who don't know, Mr. Krieger, at age 98, is a senior member of Mike Johnston's community.

Cousin marriage: there was a story recently in The Guardian, reporting that cousin marriage among the south Asian population of Bradford (in West Yorkshire, UK) had 'fallen sharply' in the last 10 years; many reasons are cited for this fall.

While looking for this recent Guardian article on-line I found another one, from 2019, reporting that cousin marriages were 'a significant factor in child deaths' among the Bradford south Asian population. Interesting and relevant, therefore, that your Mennonite lady referred to marrying a distant cousin - I suppose the greater the cousin distance, the less the chance of problems with children. (And would I be right in supposing that the Mennonite community would document family ties both thoroughly and accurately?)

[I don't know for how long, but they seem to be well aware of the inbreeding problem. One might imagine with the aid of some quiet family tragedies, perhaps? A Mennonite lecturer at the Historical Society told us that most of the 700+ families in our area are descended from the same seven original families who first came to the area in the 1970s. They multiply quickly--my friend Alvin had 54 grandchildren at last count, and several are already of marrying age. And he's not much older than I am, maybe younger. Another Mennonite neighbor, Adam, said of his people, "they're pushin' up against the lakes now," meaning that land for expanding the communities is getting scarce, which may be reflected in more of them finding alternatives to farming for making a living. The relatedness is reflected in the limited number of surnames in the area. As I understand it, young people are being bussed to other more distant Mennonite communities for socializing, to encourage them to find mates who are less closely related. My unfortunately short-term housekeeper, Jen, an uncommonly beautiful 18-year-old at the time--really a lovely girl--promptly married a young man from down in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and moved there. --Mike]

It is unjust, but I have to think about the famous picture of the hot young Stalin. (just google hot young Stalin if you do not know what I mean.)


There is an old country song that celebrates(?) this sort of behaviour…


This was one of two songs that my old dad tried to remember when he was busy dying.

The other one was Life get’s teejus by Peter Lind Hayes.


Ain’t Youtube amazin’?

I seem to remember that Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid and Etta went to Bolivia in the movie, not to Argentina.

[Thanks Carsten. I changed the post to reflect that. --Mike]

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