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Thursday, 09 November 2023


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Thought I’d help and leave this timely comment.

[Published in 36 minutes! …With special apologies for all the delays you’ve suffered, Jeff. —Mike]

My comment on comment management. Do whatever works for you to make it timely, because the comments are just as important as the posts on the unique website of yours. I'm just as excited to read the comments as I am to read the original post, sometimes more so. Comments, and the way you manage them, are what makes TOP the best photo blog.

People will also be more likely to leave comments in a timely manner if they know they will see them soon.

More seriously… by the time I left the above comment, you had already moved on to not just one, but two new posts. Counterproductive.

[I published all three of today’s posts at the same time, more or less. Because the first two aren’t about photography. —Mike]

I'm with John Krumm; keeping well up to date with the comments will mean more comments, and a good reason to come back soon. I've been bouncing in to check for comments and bouncing right back out again when they aren't there.

I never see featured comments because I read your posts as they come out, and the comments aren’t there yet. Perhaps they can be featured as round-up posts?

How about a dedicated "featured comments" post every Sunday (or whatever day), where you list all the new featured comments that were posted since the last featured comments post?

I do like seeing the featured comments, but I access your site via an RSS reader, so I only see the new posts pop up in my feed. So I rarely go back.

Doing it this way would bring attention two new feature comments, and drive traffic back to old posts.

“[I published all three of today’s posts at the same time, more or less. Because the first two aren’t about photography. —Mike]”

People like to comment on all your posts. I think one post a day, regardless of topic, with timely comments, would lead to much better dialogue. And dialogue I think is the goal, if you truly believe that comments are as important as your posts. BTW, I’m not suffering at all; just trying to help you help yourself.

I sympathize.

OTOH, there's something about the evanescence of post topics and comments that I don't much like. Nature of the beast; nothing to be done.

We are recently returned from seven weeks of travel to New England, Wales and Old England. Traveling and/or staying mostly with others, there was just too much going on to keep up with TOP, let alone comment.

Now, I regret that some of the older posts I've just caught up on are closed. Yeah, I know, no one will read new comment on old posts. And yet . . . I so much want to tell about the hidden photographic magic in the Olympus TG-6 (and 7) that I'm about to burst. \;~)>

Consider closing off comments after maybe three days?

Your post on Sunday Nov. 5, seemed to be the answer to your problem of multiple reply’s to various posts. Just pick a day when you can pick out the best comments? Not sure how everyone might feel if theirs is left out..

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