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Tuesday, 14 November 2023


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No comment. 😁

If it ain't bokeh, don't fix it. (I stole that from the internet--I'm not responsible).

Comment # 260,003


Hi Herman,
It's actually not *quite* that exact. TypePad counts 232,462 Published Comments and 27,579 Unpublished Comments for a total of 260,041 Recent Comments. But the Unpublished Comments include disallowed comments, rescinded comments (when a commenter contacts me later to request their comment be removed), corrections, private messages to me that the sender states is not for publication, etc. These are a small proportion but it makes the count inexact.

But since you are TOP's Unofficial Punniest Reader and Unofficial Oldest Reader (Happy 97th by the way!), we can also award you Unofficial 260,003rd Commenter status! --Mike]

What’s more impressive is that - um - your editorial staff read 260,000 comments…

It's true. TOP's commentary, responses, objections and questions are civil, respectful and open-minded. Which SHOULDN'T stand out as unusual, and yet ....

Thank YOU!

Please don't underestimate the importance of comments in your blog. I love your posts but I look forward to the comments just as much. I am sure that having comments posted quickly after your review is an important aspect of this blog's popularity. It is a main draw for me.

Thank you too!

This is much better than the 37th Frame. I can comment here.

Oh…people read the posts…..I had no idea…..I visit for the comments. 😉

Very much agree with Edward Taylor, the comments are a huge feature. But in that respect, the success of the comments starts with posts that very often get the readers to think, ponder, reflect and share.


Your blog TOP is a gift to me.

And yes, the comments are also interesting, thought provoking, insightful, and joyful to read.

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