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Thursday, 26 October 2023


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Unable to see any of the references on Facebook. I’m not a registered user but it looks like it’s been removed. Also his web site has been removed.

How would you even take a selfie with that? No thanks.

Nice to get to know Vegar Moen.

Links to Facebook don't work for me. Although I am a "techie" by most definitions. I was a CompSci major in the late-60's and early 70's and have owned computers (multiple and continuously) since well before Apple was formed. I have chosen to avoid Social Media in favor of more traditional social interactions. I cannot be the only one.
In the interest of full disclosure, I probably still have a LinkedIn account, but it has been dormant since I retired.

Hej Mike! Vegar Moen is Norwegian but he lives in Lomma, Sweden which is very close to Denmark.

Any of the urban landscape compilations by George Tice. View camera, black and white. After a presentation, I asked him how he managed to make such a wide tonal print of a Cherry Hill water tower, in the evening. His secret: three exposures. Darkroom HDR.

The exhibition was at the Berman Museum on the campus of Ursinus College, Collegeville PA, 2015. A mix of gelatin silver prints, and platinum.

Thanks Mike, but like lots of folk I no longer have access to Facebook. I expect Vegar knows that

No no no, someone is wrong on the internet, again.

Vegard Moen is not Danish, he's actually Norwegian. Currently living in Sweden according to the Norwegian wikipedia. https://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vegar_Moen

Thanks for bringing this one to my attention Mike.

Mike:  . . . just in case you think your camera is too big and kind of a pain to lug around, look at this.

Admittedly, it’s big, but it lacks the character of my steampunk camera.

[Come now, that's AI! Shouldn't this be an AI-free zone? As If I could ensure such a thing.... --Mike]

He is from Norway, but lives in Sweden now.


Feeling as if you “know nothing” is a sign of intelligence. The irony here kills me. 😂👍

A 5x7 Home Portrait Graflex. Just like the one Paul Strand used. Can't tell if Moen's got a 12-inch lens on it like Strand did.

Or take Thoreau:

Men say they know many things;
But lo! they have taken wings, —
The arts and sciences,
And a thousand appliances;
The wind that blows
Is all that any body knows.

Thanks for posting Mike. Some stunningly beautiful work. I love this one of Signe https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=10158566619729400 Wow! Classic and gorgeous picture. Just when I had come to accept the idea that I can no longer shoot film (at least for the time being), you post this!

Big is the word.. Impressing on several levels, and an interesting and celebrated artist. I really adore the Danes, but for the record, Vegar is Norwegian. Very similar languages, though.
All the best, Ragnar the Norwegian

Mike, FYI. Links to Facebook require login to view. Like you I don't do Facebook so I can't see anything from the links in the post.

Sigh, I have the stereo version of that camera. Bought and had it rebuilt, got the crazy weird Graflex not Graphic 5x7 holders and rebuilt them, got 5x7 darkroom gear. Then life happened, had kids and a real job and after 30 years the never used shutter roll is sticking to itself again. The little 4x5 still works though. I so love Graflexes

The page states a 380mm Petzval portrait lens. The Graflex predates 35mm SLRs by about 50 years but the principle is the same.

Very large format film is a nice complement to small digital cameras like the Oly Pen-F.

Camera lurch, rather than camera shake.

In a similar vein, look up the 8 X 10 Gowlandflex, a Peter Gowland (R.I.P.) designed and built twin lens reflex that shoots 8 X 10” sheet film, with at least one pic of someone hand holding this beast.

Check the work of Ben Horne… he hikes and backpacks with an 8X10 view camera. Even if landscape and nature isn’t your “thing” you have to admire his dedication to his craft.

Only thing missing is a soda can pull tab!

I just went to China and Hong Kong with my 4x5. 25 lbs on my back for days and felt angsty every time I had to subject the film to scanners whenever I had to use the subway or go to a venue such as a historical site or a museum - we will see if the films survived. Quite an experience.

One reason was to attend the annual World Science Fiction Convention, which was held in Chengdu this year. Anyway, I was a finalist in the Best Fan Artist Hugo award based mainly on my 4x5 portrait work of SF authors and artists. I am honored to have won the award.

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