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Wednesday, 11 October 2023


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Oh! If I get bumped from my flight through Paris coming up (1hr layover in CDG, so entirely possible), I'll head into town to see Peter's show!

Good to know the back story on Ctein as I never really understood why that went away and was never recovered.

Good work by Ctein. Title pages are useful! For example you have a useful “Categories” sidebar but clicking on one produces just a fairly impenetrable succession of full articles rather than a list of titles and dates. I’ve no idea how much work would be invoked or even if it is possible on TypePad though it seems a fairly basic thing to me.

Looking forward to seeing details about Peter's new book. I bought his Covid book and while the photography is excellent, the subject matter is still too recent which makes it hard to pick up. Just a few pages in and I'm reminded why 2020 is a year I'd rather forget.

Here's hoping the next book is more pleasant.

Wow. And when was the last time I perused Ctein’s images, elsewhere on the linked site? Glad to see the compedia is ever expanding. I bought an eclipse print God knows how many years ago.

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