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Thursday, 19 October 2023


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Next time Kirk Tuck goes on a trip why not go with him? That’d provide loads of material for both of you!

Guest Editors for a week at a time say? Could be once a month. Lots of very interesting contributors to TOP with their own "take" on photography. I for one would look forward to seeing what they present us with.

I hear you. Procrastination is the one thing I can't put off.

A prolific author was once asked when does he write and he said he only writes when he’s inspired. And they asked when is that, when are you inspired? And he said every morning at 8 o’clock when I sit down to write.

Read The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. Your resistance is what is getting you and his book is all about combating procrastination.

When you are stuck, it's time to challenge all your assumptions.

Maybe a break or a vacation would bring clarity? What's the worst that could happen?

Take your time.
When you return could you write about war photographers? Capa, etc.

I was going to be a procrastinator but didn't want to give up my amateur status and not be able to compete as a crastinator in the Olympics.😉

Seriously, take care of yourself.

Procrastination is no relaxation for it is taxation of wit to find recreation that gives one elation in situations that sit.*

*(composed while procrastinating)

Honestly Mike, I don't see that it would make any difference in the long run if you took a week off for a vacation. Set it up so some "greatest hits" columns post, post a prominent notification that after 19 years you are actually taking a vacation and you will be back in one week (or two or whatever). The people who have been loyally following you over the years will be happy to come back, I assure you. I strongly recommend that you don't do a "staycation" at home but depart for a different location and clime. Seriously, just do it. No one expects you to be super human.

Maybe you have ADHD. I'm 60 and often worked on deadlines without an issue (or so I thought) and did quite well for myself. But I also had/have trouble starting when I'm just by myself. I thought that was normal, until I was talking with my kids and their friends about ADHD and they told me that what I considered normal my entire life is actually not. I'm semi-retired, so now I'm wondering whether I should still address what seems to be an issue or just live with it.

You know, a surprising number of people think my name aught to rhyme with aaugh, and this is not helpful.

I always wanted to give myself a sabbatical. In my 30s I planned to set aside 10% of my income so that every five years or so I could take six months off. It never happened. The closest I came to a sabbatical was after a layoff in May 2011 when I decided to take the summer off. I found myself doing some freelance work within a matter of weeks, but very part-time. By September I was freelancing full time. Best summer ever.

That said, maybe what you need is a series of one-day sabbaticals, as described in this book: https://www.amazon.com/One-Day-Sabbatical-3-Step-Retreat-Everyone/dp/B0CK3M4WDJ/

(Disclosure: the author is an acquaintance.)

Given that your posts have been somewhat irregular and spaced out anyway recently--and I absolutely do not mean that as a criticism since that doesn't bother me personally in the least--have you considered something like 4 days on 3 days off? Write hard for four days, then do nothing related to the blog for 3? Perhaps even your new platform might allow timed posts so you could still have a new post on your day off?

I vote you take a few weeks or a month off and get some volunteers to fill in for you. Maybe Kirk Tuck or some of the other writers here would volunteer.

We ain't upset....we are your brothers (in photography)! If you have to taken one light year off - go ahead and make your day.

If you have not taken a proper vacation, then you are procrastinating taking a vacation. I am sure you are going to receive a lot of advice about where to go and how to go and what to do there.

"That is all that I have to say". Forrest Gump made that liner famous.

You should know by now, Mike, that your supporters and general readership have a special fondness for you. Our demands and expectations of you as a blogger are exactly matched to your real characteristics, not to the imaginary characteristics of the perfect blogger that you describe.

Free your spirit. Feel the love. It’s right here in our hearts.

I'm certain if you turned off the taps for a short while very few of your Patron supporters would back away. I vote you take the time you need! The insatiable itch will keep you penning great wit but backing away from the day-to-day will make life so much more manageable. Stay healthy, Mike

Don’t publish this…. but in all my life procrastination has haunted me. I was in love with the idea of “Well, I’m trying.” Then, someone I respect told me that, “ ‘Trying’ is just a noisy way of being a do-nothing.” Cured me on the spot.

I feel for you.
My wife's an epic procrastinator. A lifelong calling, it seems.
Though, when she finally gets into gear, she's nigh unstoppable.
It's the first bite of the elephant that's the hardest mouthful. The rest just follows.
Good luck on your reset! (Maybe $ will fall from the sky?) Stranger things have happened.

PS I hear Venice is beautiful this time of year. But I'd avoid France.

This is why you need two blogs, so you can procrastinate your work on one by working on the other one. The trick is to make them look like just one blog to your readers. . . . Hey, wait a minute!

Mike, please, don't just try to explain it away. Find a good therapist. You deserve to be, if not happy, at least contented.


"...I am firmly gored on the horns of a dilemma..."

Could be worse. One of my relatives (great grandfather?) was apparently gored to death on the horns of a not dilemma. Alas, the details are now lost forever, as those who knew have also shuffled* off this mortal coil.

Peace and all the good stuff,
* although the question does not loom large (groan...), perhaps that should be "shuttle?"

Welcome to the Club. I think I’ve procrastinated for 65 of my 75 years. I love the earlier suggestion of Guest Bloggers (4?) once a week. Could be same 4 for a few months, until you see how that goes. Put out a request for volunteers! Incorporate the idea into the Blog switch to the ‘new site’ that you have coming. All with the intent to scratch that itch for more time off. Screw the ideas of an extended vacation. You’ll be thinking of everything you’ll have to tackle when you get ‘back’….while you’re away. I’m betting what’s got you bummed out (procrastinating in the 1st place) is the change to a new site. Don’t dread the conversion….MAKE IT FUN!


You've been struggling for a long while now (I've been there, done that) so just take a couple of weeks off. Go on holiday somewhere, take the camera but don't take a means of getting on to the blogging platform.

If you don't do this pretty damn soon you'll just crash and burn; TOP will cease to be. Better a break now than stopping altogether.

All your regulars will be here when you get back.


I won’t try to solve your issues by remote control. But I want to say that I am not about to drop TOP just because you are missing for a while. Take as long as you like (I mean that in the best possible way). Or, get a ‘regular’ job to pay the bills and write in the remaining time. Or write meandering posts about pool, hi-fi, etc. Or whatever…. Do what makes you feel better that particular day.

You have given me so much over the years. I wish you all the best and in the best of health.

Mike, forget vacations, sabbaticals etc, please get professional help and make a return when ready. You have family here and we are all supporting you but you need to work on yourself now .Stroke of luck you sold the site so you are free to help yourself. Godspeed friend.

Take the break, we can wait.

Other people have said this more eloquently than me, but just go and take a break. Make it at least a week. No one is going to desert you because of a week off. Take some photographs while you are at it, or anything else that gives you pleasure. Everyone needs a break now and then.

Try this one Mike, this might make you feel better about procrastinating, or give you some better understanding of it at least.


A few ideas….

Take a break WITH your camera and post the pictures that you take, no or very short captions.

OR, take a break and do something completely different

OR, have some of your followers be guest editors

Find somebody who can help you setting up photo printers and start exploring that aspect of photography.

Mix and match all of the above as you like….

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