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Thursday, 19 October 2023


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Perfect post for this blog.
Right on message.
Right on length to stop people being tempted to skim (I'm cursed, I can't skim, in case I miss something).
And here was me thinking you were a procrastinator?

There is one more up-side to bird photography. Bright sunlight, even harsh mid-day light, is not a bad thing. It brings out the colors and details of the plumages. And when you go "birding" you never know what images you are going to come back with, that's for certain.

I'd be more than happy to read content like this from your readers. Having seen his website, I'd like to hear more from Ivan and people like him.

Just think Mike, you could take a break then, without worrying that your blog will wither on the vine.

He's a cutie


At the beginning of the pandemic, I was stuck at home, working from my basement, no assignments. I'd been a lifelong birder but never spent any time trying to photograph them. I happened to have the Fujifilm 100-400mm lens, and so I started photographing the birds in my yard and at the feeders. Plenty of birds that year, or maybe I just noticed them all because I was stuck. at. home. :-)

It was super challenging and lots of fun. While I got some photos I like, it didn't stick as a hobby -- once I was back to shooting work assignments, I stopped photographing the birds.

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