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Tuesday, 31 October 2023


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I commented about this in your earlier post, but it never appeared. My 15 year old Kohler kitchen faucet, bought new for my 15 year old house, recently broke. It came with a lifetime guarantee. So I called Kohler customer service and they expressed mailed me a free (and improved) replacement, no questions asked. They have similarly sent me free parts for a variety of other plumbing related fixtures throughout the house. Sometimes it pays to look into product/manufacture warranties and guarantees, not just the product quality itself.

I order from Amazon a lot. I used to try Used - Like New quite a bit. But I ended up getting too many "Used - Like Used" products in varying levels of used quality. So, it is not worth it at all to me. It is a crap shoot as to whether you will get a high-quality item at a bit of a discount.
When I order new items, I get products that have obviously been used. Or poorly packed items that come to me in a used state (banged up and so forth) but are supposed to be in new condition.

"I have a feeling I have just bought a present for the next owners of my house."

I am taking this to mean that you are moving to a location where it will be easier to come visit and have a chat.

There is an alternative interpretation which we will not consider.

Yeah, I learned decades ago that sprayers (separate ones, then) always broke long before the faucets they were associated with and hence have utterly refused to consider the sprayer-only faucets such as you just bought). I do see how they would be convenient, though. (And...I got a sprayer, separate, in my latest faucet upgrade. But if it dies, I can just cap off that connection, I don't lose access to the water in that sink entirely.)

Your small faucet seems to be dripping water. Not a huge problem unless you live during the days when people would fret over every drop lost. We used to place a small container underneath to collect every drop and not waste any.

I've had good results with purchases from Amazon Warehouse, with one exception. A package that was supposed to be two wrenches had only one. That wrench was rusty and dirty.

I discovered "buying used" on Amazon several years ago. I was buying a LED desk lamp for $27, and noticed "buy used for $18" just below, so I ordered one of each. The used appeared to be an open package. And I always look for a used book first. Sometimes, there are no used offerings, and once I did get an item which was missing a bolt. Easy to replace.

I was hoping you would mention you bought a Moen faucet, in tribute to Vegar Moen, whom you mentioned a few days ago in your post.

I do not want to dampen your joy about the new faucet, but ... I had made the same mistake, due to bad advice in the design of the fitted kitchen.
Also my faucet has too steep a bend, is therefore too close to the horizontal plane behind it (and in my case, sideways also) and every time I use it, I have standing puddles of water behind it, which I always have to dry, over time many thousands of times with a rag always ready, completely insane.
I wish the crane had a bigger bend, more towards the center of the pool.
Ok, I do know the world has bigger problems ... but how many times do I have to do this cloth rag nonsense in the rest of my life?
As an aside, many people have a smaller refrigerator that sits way too low and they have to bend over a hundred thousand times in their life to get something in and out instead of putting the refrigerator on a higher rack ... ok, I'll stop ... (smile)

When I saw the kitchen sink photo in this post it reminded me of Margaret Watkin's "The Kitchen Sink" from 1919 (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Margaret_Watkins,The_Kitchen_Sink,_1919.jpg), a photograph I've always liked.
Enjoy the new tap/faucet!

I've never bought anything from Amazon in the 'Used - Like New' category. I have, however, bought several things from Apple's 'Certified Refurbished' system, and they've been excellent - basically, as new (Apple completely refurbish them), with the normal warranty, and you can take out Apple Care on them (if you want to). Not as cheap as buying used Apple stuff from eBay, but guaranteed quality.

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