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Wednesday, 06 September 2023


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Hell's Kitchen area? Isn't that where Buz Murdock (George Maharis), of the TV series Route 66, was raised? (The Corvette they drove would probably be stolen in a minute down there!)

(Thom H. also had a blurb on his website.)

Mike, you ought to drive down tonight and attend the show tomorrow. I’m sure many folks would love to read your report (with a few photos). I was planning to drive down from the Cape and meet up with several of my GR friends, but alas, something came up so I can’t make it.

Mike, you should highlight that there are "Build Expo Deals" (Promo Code BILDBH50, but I believe the price breaks apply automatically when shopping online.) I'm looking at a Canon EOS R7 with $200 off the regular price of $1499. I just gotta think what else I may need before pressing "buy." It seems there are similar deals across all major camera brands and memory cards. Go B&H!

I really wanted to go and signed up. Work and wife’s Covid is keeping me away. I’m kinda bummed. I could name a dozen people now testing positive. Somehow I’m not.

Having grown up in Oyster Bay L.I. I would like to point out that most residents of said island do no pronounce the g at the end of long. More of a New Yawk thing

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