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Wednesday, 20 September 2023


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My short advice:

Diets do not work, because you put them in your mind as a method to lose weight. And once you lose it (and often, even if you don't lose it) you will return to your old habits.

If you want to lose wait and stay with lower weight, there is only one way: to eat less, and to do more physical exercise. And this is where the hard work starts. Because some of us (me included, for sure) do like to eat, and have a metabolism which pushes me to eat, so that my body is pushing currently to be around 105 kilograms. If I stay firmly eating less (which in my case, is eating only a yoghurt after lunch, until breakfast), I will go lower than 100 kilograms. But me, just like almost anybody else, will often break those rules, go with friends, eat for dinner, take some drinks... and then you start all over again.

Is it worth to keep a strict rule to remain under a given weight (provided this one is pretty reasonable and not clearly into obesity territory)? THAT is the question.

(Now off for another "dinner" consisting in a yoghurt).

An expert on dieting-

Another interesting feature of alcohol use is that in extreme cases, withdrawal can result in serious, life-threatening symptoms. As I understand it, this is not the case with other drugs, other than perhaps benzodiazepines.

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