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Thursday, 21 September 2023


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I think you announced your intention to migrate to new site to your Patreon supporters but not here until now? I hope mentioning again here will add pressure on you to complete it :-).

I recently noted via the Camera Size Comparison site, that the G9 plus Leica 12-60mm lens is very similar in size to the Nikon full frame Z6 plus 24-70 f4 zoom. The weight of the former combo is around 2lbs 2oz and the latter is around 2lbs 6oz though. Depending on one’s type of photography and the importance you attach to the comparative quality between four-thirds and full frame, the difference in the lenses maximum reach, and the range of lenses available, it is something to think about if you are in the market for a new camera/lens kit.

Should have mentioned in my previous post that the Z6 +lens would need to be bought in used condition to achieve the same broad price area. The z6 is now superceded by the Z6 mk2 which is pricier.

I've always wondered why the Edsel was such a flop as I consider them pretty stylish and ahead of their time. I've seen that grill many times and never thought, "Oh, that looks like..." I had to Google it and remind myself of the shape. Now I can't unsee it... LOL. Thanks!

Although I never owned the Panasonic, it's a shame when a camera is nearly perfect in the customers' eyes, and they have to ruin the attractive features. Kinda like Fuji's move from X-T3 to X-T4. Thank goodness they saw the error of their ways and introduced the X-T5.

The Lumix G9 might have been a temptation for me, but last year I purchased from the Olympus Outlet a refurbished OM-D E1(ii) for $450 and I suspect it wasn't refurbished but was in fact New Old Stock.

Last cameras, indeed.


I don't want or need email updates for new posts - but please ensure your new blog supports RSS, as that's how I keep up with most blogs / websites that I want to follow.

Good Luck with the site changes. I know it will be a pain to implement but I hope it improves things for you.

[And I'm hoping it will improve things for YOU!! --Mike]

Had same problem with 2019 Subaru Outback. The infotainment system went berserk. Changing the channels at will, turning the A/C up or off on it's own. Made the car undriveable. Subaru told me the part was from third party that was out of business. Was able to sell it to CarMax that didn't even care that it was screwed up.

I have been “researching” for a new camera for a while. Had my sights set on a used Sony a7Riv. I have a Sony a850 that is still going strong, even for its limitations (mostly not very high ISO). It was purchased (partly on your recommendation) to use my cache of Minolta AF lenses. I could get Sony’s A to E adapter and be off to the races.

But I also have two Lumix (pronounced, by me, as LOOmix) and a few lenses. Panasonic announcing the new 25mp G9ii threw a wrench in the thought works. I wouldn’t need to buy any lenses or even an adapter! (And really, isn't 25mp enough?) So, today I visited a local dealer where Sony reps were in residence. My God, even the single focal length lenses are HUGE. I think micro 4/3 it is, (for a while).

PS: I hope the sound system in my 2019 Outback holds up …

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