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Monday, 07 August 2023


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It looks like Kerry got a very good portrait, presumably for professional use. She appears friendly but not silly. Professional but not coldly clinical (no white coat and stethoscope). And old enough to be authoritative but not at all geriatric. Well done.

I salute and admire photographers genuinely skilled with pro portraiture. It's 60% craft and 90% inter-personal skills and personality. I c/wouldn't even think about doing it unless under a court order. And even then I'd probably opt for contempt and jail time.

There's a good interview with veteran pro-snapper Greg Gorman on Petapixel now (https://petapixel.com/greg-gorman-interview/ ). What a career but ughh...I can only imagine the stories he has. Clearly he's developed a big enough name that he can dish back whatever he gets.

Michael, you created a beautiful portrait for Miss Kerry. It's easy to see why she chose it so quickly.

I think Kerry chose well. I like the chosen one over the alternatives that you showed us. It seems more "human" and approachable---an important part of a doctor's persona.

Now I admit that I learned portrait photography in the late '70s, from the studio chain where I photographed high-school seniors. That was the "classic" sitting, five poses in five minutes, or the "contemporary" sitting, ten poses in ten minutes. Realistically, that's not enough choices for a proper portrait.
But you mentioned 150 exposures in a sitting? Turn off the motor drive, man! That many pictures confuses the sitter and makes editing a (costly) chore.
I also believe that the Center for Creative Photography in Tucson, which holds Edward Weston's archive, is working on a new edition of his Daybooks, with previously edited material restored. We'll see...

You say "Nobody pays for portraits any more, in my experience."

What do high-school seniors do for their yearbooks in your neck o' the woods? Where I live, many of the high schools rely on portraits provided by the students. No more the "show up in the school gym at 9:30am wearing nice clothes for two minutes sitting on a swivel chair."

One fellow I know has made his living the past dozen or so years shooting senior and college-graduation portraits. A two-hour session, outdoors in natural light, a parent always present (for the high-school kids), at $350 or $400 per student. A kid shows up with two or three or five friends in tow, for individual and group shots, and that one shoot can cover a lot of living expenses.

Weston eventually got fed up with retouching and hung out a sign, "Unretouched Portraits".

So is the right photo of the diptych image from your photoshop treatment, and then your client chose to use the one on the left, with no photoshopping? I like both, and it would be a tough choice. But, if so, your treatment is very tasteful. I could see choosing the left out of some sort of principle, though. “No need for any fancy fuss-work. I like it, as is.” Great original pic!

My wife complains when I do any work on photos I’ve taken that she likes. There is a look I want, and I immediately bring up an app, adjust sliders here and there, fuss about to get the look. I try to give her a big lecture about how everything in the process is some arbitrary interpretation of the incoming light. The lens “makes choices”, as does the sensor, and so does Apple’s iOS. Why can’t I? I tell her I’m just adjusting things to be the way I saw the scene at capture. But, the more academic my arguments, the more she knows me well enough to see right through them.

“Um, ok, just text me the original, could ya?”

It’s a beautiful portrait & she’s picked well. It may just be the little tilt of the head that prompted her to pick this image over your favourite (rather than the presence of the glasses). Thanks for sharing this for comparison.

You know, I haven’t been a commenter for a while, really should not comment now, because I don’t have anything good to say, but I am not crazy about Kerry’s picture. I don’t like that tilt, the angle, the lack of straightness! Hate to be a naysayer!
Also, unfortunately, a maybe this makes me a old-timer, which I am, but I’d like to see something that would take her from my next door neighbor at a barbecue look. After all, she’s going to be the person who gives me medical attention.

In 1972, people took their own highschool graduation photos (discouraged) or went to one of the 2 professional photographers in town. Nobody had gotten a contract to just go in and shoot everybody (which would have frozen out their competition).

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