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Thursday, 29 June 2023


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If you’re talking about PM2.5, that’s 2.5 microns, not nm, i.e., 1000X larger.

Doesn’t change the fact that it’s bad fir you, but if you’re going to try making the point using numbers… ;-)

I work in the AI field currently ... but I really dislike AI generated text content (especially for work purposes). My team uses it a lot (but sometimes for good reasons because it is more efficient), but the hallmarks of AI generated content (circa mid 2023) are:

- perfect grammar and spelling
- incredible wordiness
- predictable formatting

I find it uneconomical and not easy to collaborate with. Give me a couple of bullet points or shorter sentences to think about rather than fighting through pages and pages of word salad. Sure you can ask for shorter sentences, summaries etc. but that defeats the purpose of the exercise as your instructions to the AI LLM to produce the content are probably that summary. AI produces content that looks good but isn't necessarily any good.

I really do hope we find a way to preserve the art of the written word. I was personally never very good at it, but I do appreciate it.


"Nihil sub sole novum" comes back to me from my years of Latin class (though the original is Hebrew, I think). When I remember it, it gives me perspective beyond my own myopia and time scale. Seems like everywhere I turn these days, doom is being proclaimed, and "the end times are nigh," while that's been the case for as long as humans could read signs. We adapt.

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