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Wednesday, 28 June 2023


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"That's five gallons. At current prices, $18. It's not a lot, but it's not nothing."

Whoa, really? That works out to $3.60 per gallon. I live on an island and because of that everything here is a bit more expensive. Gasoline here is north of $5.50 per gallon. I am also thinking of an EV to eventually replace our CR-V. My son has a Tesla, and the experience of riding with him is like driving an iMac. It is very Apple-like. But I am not sure I can stomach giving that man my money. Good news is many more EVs are on the way from many manufacturers.

[One word my friend: Lucid! —Mike]

Taking the EV to races is nice. We did have to charge on the way back from Cornwall, which is an expense heading toward flammables at the moment* - £1.60 per litre, £0.70 per kWh - for the last 30 miles, but most of the energy had come from our panels, at currently about £-0.075/kWh (yes, minus, but it is complicated).

There are better reasons to choose an EV for a new vehicle, or 2nd hand as they become available, but that one is nice.

* flammable will carry on rising, electricity atcharging stations not so much.

We're so addicted to cheap gasoline that we think it's our right. The local grocery store parking lot nowadays is full of pick-ups and SUVs that are so big I can't see over them even when I'm standing next to them. And I know they can't see out of them. A sane culture would not permit the use of commercial vehicles for personal purposes. If the price of gasoline reflected its true cost, a lot of those oversized trucks would never have been built.

We have to listen to the whining of people who claim taxes are too high and regulations cost us too much while they blow $80,000 on on trucks that are bigger than my first apartment. It's utter nonsense. We're so knee-deep in bs we don't even smell it anymore.

We live in an infantile culture.

My Ford hybrids have been the most satisfying cars I've ever owned, judged on a combination of driving quality, reliability and low running costs. The plug-in hybrid version does miracles. It's racked up 65 mpg cumulative over 70,000 miles, with about $250 in repairs. Every local trip can be done in EV, and long trips cat last 500 miles per tank, at over 40 mpg. That's like two cars in one.

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