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Monday, 01 May 2023


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Photo made with Argoflex camera converted to a pinhole camera-

I too have a fascination with trees. I understand Vijay's passion! My favourite trees are aspens. Unfortunately, I have nothing blurry to share:

Pinhole photography is very liberating; it's like going braless. But then most of your audience won't understand it. Thanks for acknowledging it to those that will. Lovely image as well!

Why not plan on announcing your BAkers Dozen - for next years Worldwide Pinhole day? Reminders once a month. Give folks time to plan and work on images so they will be ready when the time comes.

I love pinhole , so this fun to see! And I also always miss pinhole day. So thanks for this Mike.
For other pinhole people who are not aware of Albert Morell, you have to check out his stuff! He creates camera obscura cameras out of rooms.

When I show my students a photograph made with a pinhole camera, I can see their heads spinning. They don't believe me when I tell them, "You don't need a lens to make a picture of a dog this amazing, you know."


I also love trees Vijay. I find them endlessly fascinating. This project is a bit of a love letter for Eastern white cedar (Thuja occidentalis). https://www.robdeloephotography.com/Works/Experiments-in-Engagement/How-we-see-trees/

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