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Tuesday, 09 May 2023


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One blur method you didn't list but that I've gotten interesting results with is to zoom in or out (with a variable zoom lens) during the exposure. I think this would work better with manual zoom vs electric zoom.

Can't wait to see your picks/pix. I'd venture the blanket statement that in general, and since the dawn of photography, the default use of lens has been to create images that were in focus. But because of that (or, assuming that) almost every well-done picture that is blurry can teach us something, surprise us, show us something we haven't seen before. And that's the value of these contests to me: we get a curated group of images from folks whose work we'd never know otherwise. Feels like the night before Christmas to me.

I'd be very interested in any "honorable mention" collections. Can you put these on your Flickr account, or do you worry about rights releases... I suppose we all gave you implicit permission to display all here. I am interested in all of the examples you mentioned.
Well, that makes your next month pretty easy to fill - images with endless discussion about how and why to make them.
Who cares about that Z8 stuff anyway (just bought my D850, so...) Tell us how to make pictures; that's becoming quite rare and you're good at it.

Do you know of her? https://www.olga-karlovac-photography.com/site/

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