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Wednesday, 03 May 2023


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Do not know how I missed this. He is my favorite photographer. Ever. Always wanted to get a print but they're hard to find. Wonderful article. Oh Brother Where Art Thou is my favorite of the many great Coen movies.

Wow, this popped up in my newsfeeds a day or so ago, and for a minute, I thought of directly emailing it to you, just on the chance that it might be of some interest. I even saved the link, but figured, no.

Should have trusted my initial inclination.

Love the Coens, have every movie on Bluray and have several Friedlander books, so this article was right up my alley.

Much as I like his 35mm work, his square format Hassy SWC photos are a true joy to behold!

Thanks for the heads-up on this article, Mike. I completely missed it!

While I can't claim true acquaintance with Jeffrey Fraenkel I have had the pleasure of meeting him and spending some group time with him several times during past years. I can't name anyone more genuinely enthusiastic for photography's past, and present, than Fraenkel. So I can well imagine how he ignited the fuse that led to such a combustion of creative energy. He's good at that...which is why he's been one of the world's top photo dealers for so long.

The Man Who Wasn't There was shot on color film and converted to mono in post production. I always thought that was a weird way to do it, but I'm not Roger Deakins, so what do I know?

I got RD's book after seeing it mentioned here.

(my favorite Coens movie is Miller's Crossing. And although O Brother, Where Art Thou? is named after a plotline in Preston Sturgess' movie Sullivan's Travels, it doesn't really connect to Sullivan's materially. The Coens' movie Intolerable Cruelty is very much a Sturgess homage/pastiche).

thanks Mike! Just ordered the book.

It costs a hundred dollars to ship to Singapore, so, alas, it is not for me. Am I imagining it, or have USPS rates for non-standard and larger items and international package mail gone up greatly in the last decade?

[You're not imagining it. It was giving us fits with the print sales.... --Mike]

I wish you didn't do this. This one hadn't reached my radar.

I already have more Friedlander books than I feel I should, but I enjoy his work too much.
This is what my Friedlander stack looked like at World Photobook Day (Oct. 14) last year. Two additional books were added since then:

World Photobook Day 2022
"America By Car" is the most expensive photobook I own.

The 2010 Whitney show reached Copenhagen in 2012.
The show blew my mind, but the book was long out of print.
I was hoping for a reprint, but the price of the out of print version just kept climbing - to the point were it was approaching the price of the oversized signed special edition.

So I finally caved in and forked over $395 for the special edition. It took me 8 years to make that purchase decision and I am happy to say that I don't regret it.

The Coen coterie and the Friedlander family fit well together in their conscientiously unconscious deep awareness of things around them. The Friedlander 50's summary book shares Lee's wife's and grandson's views of all of the people involved in a life of seeing. It's great to get a glimpse into that world.

And Mike, who is the OTHER great photographer of the second half of the 20th Century?

[Do you have to ask?

Also, I said greatEST. There are many who are great. --Mike]

I often hear the film critic, Mark Kermode, advise that when listening to an artist talking about their work, you should "Trust the tale, not the teller". The part of an artist's mind involved in interviews might be acting like a press secretary for the second self. The one that does the work and doesn’t want to be disturbed

Don't think that bxw exists because only color is manufactured. So the color is drained so that bxw appears.....

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