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Monday, 29 May 2023


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That bag held much more than clothes. Happy holiday to you, Mike. Today is my birthday, a special one I have been looking forward to. Now I will get 50% off my fees at my favorite campsites and begin my retirement, although I will have work to do, just not as much. For part of my childhood, I wore donated clothing, mostly outdated, but they were clean and kept me warm. The only hand-me-down I did not care for was my Girl Scout uniform because it was a different style than what the other girls wore, and I never enjoy standing out in a crowd.

It’s the stress from doing something different from your usual. Doesn’t have to be bad stuff. Dogs just sleep it off over the next day in my experience and shouldn’t photo-dawgs be the same ;) Welcome back!

Funny, it's "Pool Day" here too. But maybe that means something different....


Thank you for your frank sharing.

Can you share a photo of Xander dressed up by you? I have read that kids raised by single dads can do as well as those raised by mothers.

Dan K.

I bet the post was better than you're able to acknowledge, Mike. I hope you had a nice pool day.

Maybe this is what Henry James meant when he called the novel a "loose and baggy monster". Maybe thou art a novelist and don't yet knowest. (That's my shot at a very loose and baggy sentence.)

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