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Friday, 28 April 2023


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I just watched an episode of Super Turbo Story Time, on the Motortrend channel, where they told this story.

Where I grew up the hoof hearted joke doesn't work as hoof is pronounced like good (a relaxed u, I think).

I had a Citroën for many years which had the famous hydropneumatic suspension, which is height adjustable, superbly comfortable and provides incredible stability to the car. Once I hit something going down the motorway at 80mph which blew out a front tyre and even then the car remained perfectly balanced and easily controllable till I stopped. I miss that car.

Because they can.

Thanks, Mike, for the backstory on War and on Charles Miller's tragic death. I had no idea War was ever connected with Eric Burdon, or that there were rules for naming horses, which must make it a bit harder than naming a band.

There was no excuse for the band "Them", which was apparently deliberately taken from the 1950's nuclear horror movie about giant ants (a pretty good movie, actually, with a remake now in the works).

Learning this backstory was delightful. I think of myself as sort of a car guy, but never knew of this history of how low riders came to be.

Glad the car modified in the video is from the 80's and not the 50-60s.

Another gold nugget TOP article.

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