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Monday, 24 April 2023


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The X-E4 was the only cropped sensor camera I daydreamed about. I don't have the cash or honestly the need to buy into an entirely new camera system, but if I had the money to spare, I'd certainly pick one up with a couple of their light, tiny primes.

I noticed it was discontinued a couple weeks ago because my local camera store no longer had a listing for it. It's a pity, really.

I had the X-E4 and sold it after 2 years to get the X-T4. The E4 sold for more than I bought it for becasue it seems small Fujifilm cameras are fashionable at the moment. It's too much of a compromised design I think and too narrow a profit margin for Fuji from what I understand. The limited capacity and supply of parts is better used elsewhere including for the even more fashionable and more expensive X100 series.

I researched the X-E4 when I was looking at Fuji, and eventually bought an X-T5. The problem for Fuji, I suspect, is that the two cameras overlapped too much, and the X-T5 was getting the new 40mp sensor and was priced higher, so perhaps is more profitable. Aside from the "look" and the sensor, the two cameras are quite similar. The X-T5 has a bulkier SLR appearance, but is really very compact. The Wiki says major Japanese dealers began listing the X-E4 as discontinued in September of 2022. It now appears to be selling at a premium.

Hi Mike, I wrote about this in a featured comment last month. But I didn't really emphasize the point (maybe because I assumed you knew).

In September 2022, the X-E4 was already marked as discontinued by some Japanese stores, and then Fuji removed it from their Japanese catalog.

At the time, Fujirumors speculated that it was "because Fujifilm needs some of the parts to manufacture newer and more important cameras (in terms of revenue for Fujifilm)" such as the X-H2S, X-H2 and X-T5. I have no way of knowing how reliable or accurate this is.

Anyhow, the discontinuation was actually a blessing in disguise for me, because it finally forced my hand. I bought one of the last few units available at the retail price, and I absolutely love the camera. Since then, two friends have bought secondhand X-E3's on my recommendation :-) (I have no affiliation with Fuji btw, just a very happy user.)

The X-E4 was only released in March 2021, about 3.5 years after the X-E2. I wonder when (if?!) we will see a Fuji X-E5. I really hope we do.

No clear information, but the scuttlebutt has been that they nixed it to save parts for the X100V, which has a lot of the same parts, when there was the big parts/shipping shortages last year.

I had an XE-2, liked it but gave it to a grandson. Bought a used XE-3 like it also and use it often. Don't remember off hand what put me off the XE-4 but I did decide it was not worth the upgrade. The XE-3 is a nice easy to use little guy. Makes a small package paired with the 27mm.

Most goods today, from blouses to cameras, are made in one short batches.

Likely scenario:
Folks at Fuji gazed into a cloudy crystal ball and guessed how many X-E4 bodies would likely be sold before the next model came out or that line expired.

They then ordered all the vast number of parts, set up a production line and made the batch.

You see the results of this all the time. The new model is announced, the old one discounted, but remaining available for some time, short, long, whatever.

Or the opposite, which may be the case here, demand was underestimated, and/or development of the next model delayed, or continuation of the line ended (Panny GM5 anyone?). When all the stock has been sold, the model must, perforce, be discontinued.

There are, of course, exceptions, but this is the way of mass market production.

(One interesting detail example. When the Oly E-M1 III was announced, Oly briefly heavily discounted the E-M1 II*, then raised the price. I speculate that part of their sales strategy was to have secondary price point, older models in the line, the stock of Mk II bodies was too high for their plans, so they cleared out some?)

* I bought one. For some time, I had paid less for a new one than clean used ones were selling for.

Perhaps they're clearing the way for the X-E Monochrome.

Too soon?

I can only hope an X-E5 is in Fujifilm's future.

My best friend (Woman) almost said goodbye to me after all the swear words I screamed when I realized that you couldn't buy any X-E4 (New or used.)

It seems that half of the Fujifilm X series is now discontinued/can’t be found anywhere: X-E4, X-Pro3, X-S10, and of course X-100V might as well be given how deeply backordered they are, X-T5 and X-H2 is all that’s left…

Starting, as I recall, with the XE-2, the previous camera is discontinued before a follow on replacement is announced. I seem to recall Fuji did this with the XH-1 also. Makes plentiful FUD grist for the rumor site-mill.

Sorry to hear this. I’ve owned a few Fuji’s. Started with the original x100 but felt too limited by the fixed focal length. Bought an x-e2 and upgraded to the x-e3 but never felt it necessary to go for the x-e4. The x-e series in my opinion is just a great travel/carry everywhere camera. This year I decided to go with my version of the one lens, one focal length experiment and have been using the Touit 27mm with the camera set to the Acros film simulation with manual focus and have been having a blast. Sure hope they come out with something comparable but if they don’t I think I’ll be happy with what I’ve got.

I am enjoying my X-E3 with the 35mm/f1.4 (equivalent to about 50mm full frame) on it, set to B&W Acros simulation. That is as close to a Monochrome which I am happy to achieve.

I love my X-E3 and had alerts set at B&H for more than a year for an X-E4 but it never became available. I love my X-E3 but feared the X-E4 would be the end of the line so I wanted one. They make great travel cameras. I read it was supply chain issues.

Still hoping for an X-E5.

What a good looking camera!

No one buys those cameras, they're too popular!

Alas, I'm guessing the cost accountants at Fuji are, at last, in on the act and "rationalizing" the product lineup. I've imagine that Fuji's "alternative" camera lineup, which is quite varied, is simply too much to be supported by the ever shrinking band of enthusiasts (even in Japan) who would buy a digital camera, in this era when high quality (and very portable and always readily at hand) smartphones take care of so much everyday "notetaking" style photographic tasks—at least in daylight.

It's a straw in the wind, and it makes me sad.

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