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Saturday, 08 April 2023


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For about $1k more than the anticipated price of the Pentax (based on the provided link), one could have purchased a mint used Leica Monochrom more than 5 years ago, and could probably even make a small profit selling it now. Sometimes the universe works in wonderful ways, especially given time and trust.

Please can you go and do some Fuji shopping!

Yay, that's my birthday!
I feel a pressie coming on...
Maybe with a Ltd 21mm...

If Ricoh wanted to have some fun they could release a B&W version of the GR III. But no dpreview article to read about it!

Still waiting for Fuji to make the X-ProM - a dedicated Monochrome "little Leica".

Don’t worry; be happy!

It looks like the Pentax Monochrome will be a DSLR, which means you would still see the real color world through the viewfinder. This might actually be a plus for you though?

I'd love to have a digital B&W square format camera.

I’ve wanted to want a Pentax SLR for a long time. This could finally do it.

There must be a good reason why Ricoh is considering a monochrome Pentax rather than the GR but it’s not obvious to me. The GR seems a natural candidate for a mono version for a variety of reasons one of which would be that the extra resolution would be a benefit to those who want to use a crop of the 28mm.

Hey, don't feel bad. In late 2013 I bought an A7r---wonderful camera, thought it would serve me for years, with my A850 as a backup. Then, in April of 2014, Pentax dropped a bomb: the 645Z. I was crushed. It was the camera I needed, but I was already tapped out. But, through a synchrony of knowing the mid-Atlantic Pentax rep, and extraordinary trade in (very painful) with a quirky semi local camera shop, already having a 645N and several lenses---lenses that would work right away with the Z, and some excruciating, but not fatal, financial pain, I was able to get it. I wound up very happy in the end.

There are a lot of David Aiken's but none immediately associate with that quote. But the version I know is "The perversity of the universe tends towards a maximum", and it's from Larry Niven, one of the extended set of Finagle's Laws.

Ooh, the first association between the quote and David Aiken that Google found was -- this article on TOP! That hasn't happened before.

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