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Sunday, 30 April 2023


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Make the B&H gift a bit larger with the donations, as we all know, $100 doesn't go very far in photo gear... ;)

Looks like a Midjourney-generated image from the prompt: “Santa in a VW Minibus”!

The host of ABC Australias flagship primetime gardening program. He is beloved.


The photo will explain the relevance.

Amazing to think that a gardening tv show from the public broadcaster could have such a massive loyal viewership.

Cool pano! I really enjoy pano mode artifacts for some reason. By the way, "Pano" might be an interesting theme for a Baker's Dozen. Or if you think that's too, er, narrow a category, one could, eh, widen the field to something like, well, "Wide (as in Very) Angles", or perhaps "Vistas".

Classic 13-window VW bus Hugh has a ride in. Our family had one when we lived in Arizona in the '60s, but it didn't have the AC unit.

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