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Monday, 24 April 2023


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Sorry Ned but my favorite is the color photo of the camera, lens and strap.

Nice looking images, very clean. I'm happy Pentax have done this. I wish them every success, hopefully to be followed by a tidal wave of copycats from other vendors.

In the meantime, I reckon my G9 can match the K3 M images while retaining colour data when using the in-camera pixel shift HR mechanism.

This composites 8 images giving 2 stops of noise reduction/dynamic range enhancement, extra detail, and little to no aliasing. The "mode 2" option deals with subject motion during the burst.

The in-camera compositing and output as a raw file makes this convenient enough to use. And it writes out a single shot version, making testing and comparison a piece of cake!

I've discovered a handheld creative misuse purpose for pixel shift: ICM photography using pixel shift multiple exposures combined with panning. It works great.

Other manufacturers of IBIS equipped bodies need to up their game and get pixel shift compositing built in as an in-camera feature.

The downside for b&w is being limited to tripod only shooting. Which is, admittedly, a rather serious limitation, and a very good incentive to go for a dedicated mono camera. Even so, bird in the hand...

Nice! I really like Ned's pictures of the rakes against a textured wall and the view of VW bus. I will rent one when Lensrentals gets these bodies in stock.

Awaiting the "experts" who claim they could do the same with a full-color camera....

Thank you Ned, Mike, and Pentax!

People with experience will have to weigh in, but Looks like a winner to me. Florida, I'm guessing.

I would buy one if a body were offered by Pentax, but from what I read online, I suspect the whole production batch is already gone, and I suspect that most of it has gone to people who saw an opportunity to score a few hundred dollars with a resale on eBay. As I said, I would buy one, but I won't pay a scalper's price for one.

I also believe that this Pentax is a pure photographer's device, and that if Pentax manages a large sale of the Monochrome, it will also have a substantial sale of lenses, since this is not something targeted only at current Pentax owners. And those people, owning a Monochrome and a bunch of lenses, might also then go on to buy a color Pentax. This could be a big deal for a camera maker who has been pushed to the margins.

To justify it one has to cf with colour sensor converted.

Raw files do not render images. The rendering is entirely down to the raw converter and how you set it up. Kudos to Pentax and Ned though. This will be a very niche product and Pentax deserve praise for making it.

Richard Allen Fox,

Glad you liked the color photo. Taken with my Ricoh GRIIIx. I’ve been shooting almost exclusively with my GR’s for the past 10 years. I carry one with me every day on my morning and evening walks around Sarasota.


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