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Sunday, 09 April 2023


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not sure on the longest, but my 645D came with two lengthy manuals....

My Canon RP is 672 pages long. I'm sure there are longer manuals out there. My EOS 5Dsr manual is a mere 531 pages.

A person much smarter than I (or me?) said, "No one needs more than ten pages from that manual ... but everyone needs a different ten pages."

It may have been someone named Mike.

One particular section of the manual keeps growing. It's full of warnings: "Do not bake, fry, boil, eat or otherwise ingest battery".

What a mark of shame that would be, to know the writers for your brand were so incompetent, or that your designers made something so complicated it needed such a manual.

You'd have to get them all to determine that but I'll wager that Olympus/OMD would be in the running.

Nikon Zfc - 624 pages. Only 51 pages less than my 2021 Honda CR-V @ 675.

Bit of a cheat on this topic, but how about Thom Hogan’s books for Nikon digital cameras. Some stretch to over 1000 pages to adequately explain the camera - because Nikon can’t / won’t.

Well, the longest one I have seen is the one for the Pentax 645Z, which is 2 manuals of equal length, each quite dense.

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