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Thursday, 27 April 2023


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Ah yes, inches and centimeters.
Brings to mind the tale of the customer who went into the hardware store to get some copper pipe.(UK) Asked for 30 feet of pipe. Store clerk told him "it has to be metric to order".
So, he asked for 10 meters(metres?).
Right, will that be 1/2 or 7/8 inch size?

USA is metric, so says old laws on converting that somehow never seem to be followed.

I seems like most people 60 and older could use a single story, modest, mid-century modern ranch house, not too big, and not built on a steep hill. Updated, in good repair, with bathrooms outfitted for older people. In a quiet neighborhood, but a real neighborhood with sidewalks. Either that or a condo. I’m 58 and kind of wish we lived in one now.

You should look at the specs for a passif house if you're thinking of building.https://passipedia.org/basics/what_is_a_passive_house

We moved many years ago My wife insisted she get a garden. She got 1.5 acres and really only dabbles in the beds around the house whilst muggins is left with the rest. Thankfully youngest son is still at home and is a keen gardener so he manages the ride on mower and the two greenhouses.

...Can't sell just the land, because someone would build a monstrosity on it and ruin my house...

Sure you can. Just place whatever deed restriction(s) you'd like on the land you sell with respect to how it can be improved.

...the heaviest rain ever measured on Earth...

Nice post at this link discussing various record rainfalls.


Someone must say this, so: where I live smallest John Deere tractor is 36KW which is 49hp. Bottom end of most powerful range is 10 times more power: 360kW or about 500hp. High end is 508kW which is nearly 700hp.

rather enjoyed the wry humor.
the distance conversion was a clean tipoff that neatly framed the whole.
personally, not questioning _your_ sense of humor here! :)

I did as you suggested asked Google "Why can't people remember jokes?" which produced this entertaining article giving several reasons. The gist is that jokes (except for oft-repeated clichés) and joke-telling are by their nature confounding to the way human memory works, which I take to mean that people like us who can't remember jokes have especially human brains.


Now I'll go read that post I missed yesterday so I know what you're talking about today. But i seems to me that the obvious answer to your lawn maintenance problem is to build a snooker shed.

the 90-HP lawnmower (that's in the high range for a full-sized farm tractor)

Not at all: Jeremy Clarkson's Lamborghini tractor has 269bhp, and other are over 550bhp.

> 4.5-inch per hour rainfall (1.5 inches in 20 minutes x 3, which considerably exceeds the heaviest rain ever measured on Earth).
4.5 inches is 114mm, it's quite a heavy downpour, but not unheard of in some regions.
The world record for 1h is 12 inches : https://wmo.asu.edu/content/world-greatest-sixty-minute-one-hour-rainfall

I asked chat gpt why people can't remember jokes the answer is too boring to repeat here.

Everything (and need to) get smaller as people (including their shrinking brains) grow old - house, land, living space, pets, toys, cars, circle of friends.....and so forth.

What's one camera that you would like to be left with to shoot as you grow old?

The chicken crossed the road because even though it was 16 feet wide, it only looked like 5 meters. It was a French Hen.

Salesmen can remember jokes. Which is explained by Robert e’s comment. No offense intended but facts are facts.

Heck, I just thought that you were channeling Dave Barry.

I lived in the Australian wet tropics for many years and I can tell you we regularly recorded much more than 4.5” per hour. When it rained heavily we would get an inch every 5 minutes or so. The highest 24 hour total was something over 850mm or 32”. Now that’s rain!

I was a kid in 1974 when Australia converted to metric. My friend Colin, next door, was helping his Dad with some yard work, and his Dad was carefully pacing out the distance for a pipe. Colin called out, “you can’t pace out yards any more Dad, we’ve gone metric”. His Dad replied, “you’re right Son, I’ll start again”. And he did, solemnly adding a tiny one-legged hop after he took each step.

Two (serious) comments.

Your post reflected how you felt about the lawn, not how it actually was. Perfectly legitimate, IMHO.

I'm more concerned about your flower garden. I have an extensive one (by late May or June.) If you go online for and look for wildflower seeds, you can buy a couple of pounds of mixed seeds for a few dollars. Get the 'partial shade' seeds. Rake the former goldenrod patch with a garden rake, and rake hard. Hand spread the seeds. Water occasionally, if it doesn't rain. The result will be glorious. Total work time? Maybe a half-hour.

When I read it, I thought, wow, that's some serious as shit lawn mower!

The only thing I can add is this classic:

You may have heard this one, but if everyone is talking powerful lawn mowers and metric equivalents, what the heck.

A friend of mine set out to solve one of the worlds great mysteries so he posted that he had placed separate orders for an egg and a chicken from Amazon. He said he would let me know. A few years have past and I still have not heard from him! Still hoping though.

It seems that you’re confusing “intellectual absurdity” with humor. Humor seems to be more rooted in emotion.

Thank you for the mention of Sara, I didn’t remember her name but I do recall that time in your life when you made the move to be near her. I have been reading you since your paper magazine days and find the development of your life outside of photography of equal interest to your involvement with photography.
I eagerly await your autobiography.

I’ve noticed, in amateur photographer internet culture, a greater preponderance of the literal-minded than the fanciful. I think that’s just fine, though it can sometimes lead to sometimes overly rational, or rule-based, and pedantic arguments about shooting monochrome, about lens equivalence, etc. It’s a documentarian’s medium and a tech- and mechanism-lover’s hobby, too, and there’s room for all of us different sorts of weirdos, I guess. But then we can often talk past each other, and also you don’t need to lob too high to have it fly over some people’s heads either.

I just thought you were being very self-deprecating about your Imperial Unit-based American-ness, etc. having a Honda-powerful John Deere tractor and all, some sort of corrective to all those damn snooker posts ;)

Sorry! The others were obvious exaggerations, but somehow the metric problem wasn't.

It's funny that I've never considered you funny. I'm drawn to your blog because of your superb writing skills, something very rare to be found on the internet beyond news sites - and even they are in need of proofreaders more than you could imagine! I read somewhere decades ago that Henry David Thoreau wrote in a style absent of slang, exaggeration, etc. so that no matter how much time passes or whatever language it may be translated into he would be understood. I put you into that category. Keep up the good work - absent the humor of course. ;))

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