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Monday, 24 April 2023


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Someone said a picture is worth a thousand words, didn't she?


I read the Pascal quote, which didn't come with a citation, in this book.


One of the reasons for reading it was to comment on TOP without you having to correct my spelling and grammar, which you've had to do on many occasions, but always with kindness and consideration.

In a way, you’ve helped me to help you.

Don't think that it's necessary to always include the full citation, and is sometimes acceptable instead using a hypertext link to that information. For example, linking the name of the person quoted, for example, to a video confirming the quotation, to a search, or to the quote investigator, goodreads, or brainy quote page for that quotation. Especially useful when the source is ambiguous or the history of the evolution of the quotation is complicated. Or even better, include both the full citation, and the link(s).

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