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Thursday, 02 March 2023


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Worth mentioning Arthur Ashe wore yellow in his Wimbleton final in the seventies.

Andre Agassi was not the first tennis champion to be enlisted to a camera sales campaign. In 1978 Australian top pro John Newcombe was Canon's pitch man for the earlier AE-1 camera. The sales pitch was good enough that it got me to buy an A-1 and a 35mm f/2 lens in 1980, with my third paycheck out of college.

The Canon naming and differences between US and rest of world naming were one of the reasons that kept me from selecting Canon cameras in the mid-00’s when I was using the internet to research my first SLR purchase. Eventually went with Nikon, which took me through the journey from film to digital, but have since moved on to Fuji.

I think the photographer who shot the Canon Rebel Campaign with Andre Agassi was Caryn Levy. She's retired now, but she still has a website. carynlevy.com You can also find her profile on LinkedIn and more of her work on Getty Images.

Picking up on Beau Camel's pointer to retired photographer Caryn Levy:

Caryn Levy's website carynlevy.com has a full-page Canon advertisement for the Canon Rebel X with an expressive Agassi right there on the 'tearsheets' page.

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