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Wednesday, 01 March 2023


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"but they were, y'know, mine"

Lawrence Of Arabia:

Sherif Ali:
Have you no fear, English?

T.E. Lawrence:
My fear is my concern.

With best wishes...

This is one of those posts where I agree, I think you are right, but I can't say exactly why, because the people who disagree seem right as well. "Photographs are beautiful because they are photographs" seems about as close as I can get to the truthiness of it all.

Growing up with Life Magazine, and a background in commercial photography, a camera was essentially a tool for documentary purposes, which is illustrated in my, "Photo Essays in Black and White".
Getting a BFA in photography hasn't changed my opinion.

Just trying respectfully and politely to provide a different perspective.

Photography has been widely use for scientific and/or teaching purposes. A picture of any object is certainly only a representation of the real object, but can be still very useful to learn and understand complex subjects and therefore this application is accepted.

What about astrophotography? With the advance of digital technology an amateur can take pictures of very distant galaxies, it requires a lot of post processing, but it’s the only way to actually see some deep space objects which do exist(ed).

About the B&W pictures of the solar eclipse taken by the Eddington expedition on May 29, 1919?? They were the first “proof” of the validity of the General Theory of Relativity by showing a phenomenon that cannot be seen with naked eye. Is that real enough??

I think that the intent of the photographer and full disclosure of methods maybe a determinant factor in establishing what is appropriate or not. YMMV

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