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Thursday, 23 March 2023


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Oh dear! How sad!
Before the 'layoff notice' arrives you should apply for the vacant staff writer's job at The New Yorker.
I know, I know, It will be a poor substitute for your illustrious past but let's face it, you were never going to make it as a 'blogger'

I had to read this twice to make sure it is what I think it is ;-)

lol 1st april a long way off. pity you could not wait

I would have thought that such momentous news could have waited until April 1, but I guess you wanted to get ahead of the inevitable leaks and rumours. Congratulations. It's about time you came to your senses.

Hadn't you heard? We live in a post-satire and post-irony world now.

Make sure you keep the Patreon income to yourself.

I would have offered more. Sorry.

Since I take everything you write as God's literal truth I have to say that I'll be sad to see the site go. It's just possible that this was satire so I'm hanging on to that hope by a thread... waiting to see if salvation is just around the corner or in the next post. But...will it be archived for eternity?

Who will end up with the Sigma? Is it now company property or is it a personal camera? Can I get in touch with the new owner to make an offer on the camera?

Well done Mike. I am so happy for you.

Do you have a suggestion how your followers are going to treat their withdrawal symptoms - which they better sort out before end of summer.

I hope you did not forget Butters in the deal making. Surely one nice bone a day plus 10 bags of premium grade dog food a month is not askin' too much, yah?

I'll be more or less sorry to see you go. Since you're in the process of fiscal reorganization, would you be interested in monetizing the dog?

Shit Mike! I must have send you at least fifty comments in the past to keep this flaggy site alive. I want my share!

Whaaaat, it’s not April 1st so it can’t be that. I don’t know how to respond or comment. I’ll just have to wait for the shock to settle in and the dust to settle. Waiting for the next post, YIKES.

You and Ted Forbes are the only blogs I follow.
Hope it works ok for you ……. Not sure that it will work ok for me.

Satire Alert!???
I read this and thought that I could finally pull myself away from the computer at the end of the summer and go back to having a real life!
I guess reading this site will continue to be a "process".

Early April Fools post?

You should have saved this for April 1st!
Unless you're not kidding, in which case this has been a really bad week for photography.

“out taking flat lifeless pictures”- there is your problem. Not flat and lifeless enough for those soulless billionaire goons.

Me confused,
April 1st is still 9 days away (8 for me down under).
Are you getting in early before the opportunity for this lark goes stale?
Thank in advance,

I wonder if any attempt to sell DPReview to an outside entity was made. You could offer that $53000 for DPReview.... 8^)

Perhaps under new management one can see a possible home from all the trolls who will not be able to annoy the dpr community.

What a coincidence- Bernhard Steidl just signed me for my first photobook deal!

I would like to turn this on its head.

In all seriousness, I'm asking how much would it take for you to sell control, and ownership of this blog, while remaining on staff?


Might you indulge me?

Oof! Kind of like The Onion. A little too close to reality.

A once noble site falls prey to commerce. Oh woe.

I note that the initialism for your new title in your sig line is the POOF APES.


Will people with a free Tarzan premier trial be able to read TOP without charge? Asking for a friend

Does April come early at Keuka Lake?

Some good fun responses; I especially like John Krumm’s.

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