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Friday, 03 March 2023


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I have to say...it kind of looked like a post to me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Well if we’re going to eliminate fools errands from the world it’s going to be a pretty dull place. For that matter, pretty much anything anyone ever did “just because” could be called a fool’s errand.

Mike, because I consider you to be a very good writer, one who I started to follow during your days on LL, I continue to check to see what new you post every day, just before I check to see what KT posts, who is another very good writer. Whether you post about photography or pool or health, I enjoy them all. Same with KT. So, counter to your thinking that your book ends up only in your drawer, I look forward to the time it instead ends up on my lap. Keep it up! I immensely enjoyed your post today!

"No New Post Today" turned out to be a wonderful post! Thanks Mike!

Thanks for this non-post. It's an interesting story, and more so because it's true. Keep on with the book. I'm sure more than a few TOP readers will want to buy a copy.

Please don't ever post negative self thoughts again. Ever.

If you're going to fail, for christs sake Mike, fail spectacularly. Don't lay out a breadcrumb trail of excuses and justifications for why your supposed inevitable failure was predestined. Yes - I'm aware of the litany of redundancies in the preceding sentences.

There is a time for being fearless. All cliches aside, like me, you have a bucket with tokens for another day of life. Each day you put your hand in and pull one out. Pretty soon, we'll be pulling out our last token. Make 'em count Mike.

The story about you and writing was a very interesting and engaging post.
Good on you!

I am so glad that you became a writer Mike. You entertain us photo nuts with intelligent copy that is very hard to come by in our chosen subject. They say that there is a book in everyone. I don't think that is true, but I am sure as can be that there is one in you. Please write that book. I for one don't mind you taking the time.

That's a great post Mike and the kind of post that compels me to continue supporting you through Patreon. Best of luck for the book, looking forward to it.

Well, I know that books and novels take many forms---novels took these different forms early on.

So, if your book is a novel, why not make it a "columnist" novel, like an epistolary novel? And if you book is something else, then you can't do better than following McPhee's lead---those books of his started as New Yorker articles. I'm sure you know all of this.

And I've always enjoyed your digressions, because they didn't seem like such---more like extensions of how you viewed your role in photography, ans so informative of that.

Don't produce a self-fulfilling prophesy about your book. Don't let it stay in the drawer. One day I'll once again get my artwork out into the world---the time isn't quite right just yet, but I'm seeing the path to do that now after losing it for a bit. Getting these things "out there" isn't as easy as a lot of people seem to think.


Thanks for a frank account of your early impressionistic and inspirational years and being at the crossroads of your life. You were like a surrogate son to Mr McCallum and would have been family if his stay home daughter had attracted your attention. Just sayin'.

As for your book, knowing that way you write, the "music" should be good - not so sure about the subject. Look at it as a distraction from penning TOP for a bunch of hungry lens men waiting for munchies to be tossed at them every now and then.

Dan K.

Mike, I think you may have your audience pegged incorrectly. While I can only speak for myself of course, I get the feeling your audience enjoys everything you write across many topics. I read everything and often send your non-photography articles to my friends because I know they would enjoy them as well. I don’t send the photo-specific articles because in my circle, I’m the only one to enjoy those. So, should you publish a book—any book—you are sure to have at least one purchaser; I think, however, you’ll have quite a few more buyers than just one.

No posting so you can watch the various NCAA Conference tournaments - Wrestling.
Penn State looks on track to get its 10th title since Cael Sanderson took over. Cael went 19-0 in College, then Olympic Gold. Since taking over at Penn State he has won NCAA titles 75% of the time. Quite a record. Especially so since Penn State had last won the NCAA title in 1953.

Lack of post? Haha. Anyway try treating yours as a column or series of columns?


A moving memoir, Mike. I also have fond memories of three teachers like Mr. McCallum, educators for life.
Unfortunately, what was already rare, is rarer in these times...

“Sorry for the lack of a post today”

Um, this one will do quite nicely

The book is written and it's made of columns.

Also Mike, You know what is becoming also scary is that AI software can pretty much write a book or near abouts if provided the framework, characters plot, etc.
Chat GPT is a harbinger of things to come in artificial intelligence and that world is somewhat scary given where it could go.
Here's a little write up about it.

Keep writing, keep trying. Hell Grandma Mose began painting in earnest at the young age of 78. One never knows what might happen.


ha ha, just kidding. But, you said you weren't doing a post today?!

Which book? I recall talk of one photographic and another biographical.

What about the "Story of Baby-X" book?
We are still waiting for it ;-)
BR, Yoram

There is a beautiful tale of Babel: as a child, his parents wanted him to take violin classes, all of which he missed to go to the seaside. There an old man told him: "Study nature: otherwise, what are you going to write about?" In another tale he recalls how his grandfather taught him to write; as all great writers, his granpa had a wacko vein which scared his school-buddies away.

Good evening Mike

Thank you very much for the lack of a post today. My wife is going through a challenging period, and i was obliged to read it out loud for her (she is much more the arty crafty than reading type).

For a couple of paragraphs the darkness lifted

Photography is all anyone ever wanted from [you]?
Are you kidding? Even when you write about a topic I thought I didn't care for, I love reading your work.

Photography got me here but your writings, whether about photography or not, are the reason I never left. I may be a bit behind in reading your posts but I read all of them. And yes, I know I don't have to. But I WANT to.

I look forward to reading your book... No hurry, take your time. But yeah, I know we'll love it.

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