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Monday, 06 March 2023


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Mike, glad to hear things are improving. Andy

I highly recommend the book Isa Does It, by Isa Chand Moskowitz. It’s a cookbook with extremely easy vegan recipes; if I can follow it then certainly you can, too. Wishing you much good health. And photographs, too!

Since you have an iPhone....investigate the Apple Watch 8. I find it a helpful tool for health and fitness.

Good luck with your new habits.

“We Are What We Repeatedly Do. Excellence Then, Is Not An Act But A Habit”

- Aristotle, c.340 BC

Mike - much of your weight loss is likely fluids that your newly invigorated heart can now get rid of. At 3000 calories per pound it would imply a net loss of 27,000 calories in 8 days - a starvation diet! Keep it up as it seems to suit you mightily.

Apnea nightmares :: near death experiences.

I'll never watch the movie "Jacob's Ladder" a second time. So much of it paralleled my apnea nightmares.

CPAP user since 1999. Email me if you need some hints ... or encouragement.

With CPAP and your determination over diet you are on a rare benevolent (virtuous?) cycle. Sleep apnoea and the fractured sleep pattern messes with nocturnal hormones and makes you gain weight. Weight gain make the OSAS worse. So as you say CPAP, is astonishing for many people. I had 30 years in lung function measurement and remember when sleep apnoea was a newly understood thing, studies of breathing during sleep and CPAP too.

Hi Mike:
Check out kettlebells for exercise. In particular, check out Mark Wildman's channel on YouTube and his new kettlebell series.
I've got both kettlebells and clubs now. I firmly believe in both, but club use led to tennis elbow and I haven't figured out why yet.
Also, his new adjustable kettlebell from Bells of Steel is a great idea, making small jumps in weight will prevent injury. You can always just start out with one kettlebell to see if you like it.


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